sweetheart bakery cupcakes

Cupcakes are among the many baked goods at Sweetheart Baking Company.

MOORESVILLE – When her now 23-year-old son had his first birthday, Carol Oden decided she wanted to do something special for him.

So she baked him a cake.

“That’s where it started,” Oden said. “And then soon after that, it was family – I have lots of nieces and nephews – so I did all their cakes. And friends started going in. And I was like, ‘Oh, I could turn this into a business.’”

Oden did just that when she opened Sweetheart Baking Company within the walls of Sun Up Cafe at LangTree in September.

“My daughter is friends with Rob and Erin (Tankoos), the owners,” Oden said. “And they had this section here, and they weren’t really utilizing it. And (Rob) had wanted to do something with it.”

sweetheart carol oden

Sweetheart Baking Company owner Carol Oden makes all of the treats at her bakery.

Rob said he is “extremely excited” to have Sweetheart operating at Sun Up.

“It is a great partnership,” Rob said by email. “Having a bakery gives our customers even more amazing options.”

The bakery is located in the corner of the restaurant, with a glass display case full of cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cheesecakes and cookies.

“Every week I try to change things up and add things,” Oden said. “That’s kind of what I like about working for myself, is that I’m able to do what I’d like to do.”

Before opening Sweetheart, Oden worked for an events venue in Illinois. She and her husband, Doug, moved to Mooresville in June.

Oden said she “truly loved” her previous job – especially when it involved baking wedding cakes.

“I love that you can take sugar and flour and butter, and it ends up being this gorgeous thing that’s going to enhance someone’s event,” Oden said.

Oden will still get to make wedding cakes – part of Sweetheart’s business model includes making custom orders.

She also makes birthday cakes, special event orders and nut- and gluten-free orders.


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