MOORESVILLE – The Town of Mooresville had an agreement with the Town of Troutman and the City of Statesville starting in 2007 to determine where, in the area between the towns’ limits, each could annex property.

But when the Town of Troutman decided to pull out of that agreement in January 2016 because the line between it and Statesville was impeding a Troutman zoning jurisdiction, the deal with Mooresville was, by default, also repealed.

Troutman Town Manager Justin Longino said by email that his town “made clear at the time” to Mooresville that it wanted to establish a new boundary with them.

And, because Troutman is seeing a lot of growth on its southern border, Longino said, Mooresville approached them to do just that.

“It allows for more predictable, controlled growth patterns on both of our borders,” said Rawls Howard, Mooresville’s director of planning and community development, of the importance of the agreement.

West of Interstate 77, the new boundary between Mooresville and Troutman is the same as it has been since 2007. The boundary east of I-77, Howard said, has been changed to give some developers in that area property that could be annexed into Troutman.

Howard said it was not a case of those developers choosing Troutman over Mooresville, but rather it was a matter of convenience for them.

“It’s simply a matter that utilities are closer for folks on (Troutman’s) side than ours, and they are requesting utilities from Troutman,” Howard said. “If they had to request Mooresville (utilities), it would be 2 or 3 miles of extension, and they just want to have water and sewer service.”

Howard said Troutman is experiencing “a lot of growth” southward, which is the same case for Mooresville.

“Speaking candidly, Troutman is growing faster south than we’re growing north,” Howard said during the Oct. 1 Mooresville Board of Commissioners meeting, where the new agreement was approved.

Howard said during the meeting that Troutman has been “outstanding” to work with.

“We very much view them as a partner in our growth as we try to come together with our boundaries,” he said.


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