Pastor Jonathan Smith

Pastor Jonathan Smith is the pastor of Community Baptist Church.

MOUNT MOURNE – Jonathan Smith says it is time for his generation to step up and serve God in pastoral and ministerial roles.

Smith’s father, Elliott Smith, has been a pastor for more than 27 years and currently serves as the pastor of Arbor Grove Baptist Church in Roaring Rapids.

Jonathan Smith felt called to minister in 2006, though he said he first felt God’s call to preach when he was just 15.

Smith is now the pastor of Community Baptist Church, having served that role since November 2017. He says his favorite part of the job is to watch people “grow in the grace of God.”

Mooresville Citizen: What circumstance or experience led you to become a faith leader?

Jonathan Smith: I grew up in a preacher’s home my whole life, and my dad pastored several different churches. I got saved at the age of 8 years old, and at the age of 15 God started dealing with my heart about preaching. In February 2006 I surrendered my call to preach.

MC: How does Mooresville fit in line with your faith mission?

JS: My mission is to follow God. And one thing that I have learned in life is that where God leads us, His grace will comfort us.

MC: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

JS: Getting to lead a sinner to Christ and then watching them grow in the grace of God.

MC: What is the most trying part of your job? How do you keep your motivation going?

JS: I would say that the most trying part of my job as a pastor is watching people live their lives as if there is no eternity. I stay motivated by asking God to use me to my fullest potential and let me be a strong witness for Him to this lost world.

MC: What advice do you have for new leaders?

JS: 1.Keep your eyes on God.

2. Don’t follow men but follow God.

3. Don’t let discouragement and people’s opinions keep you from walking in the will of God.

4. Always remember that the ministry is not about making a name for ourselves, but the ministry is about promoting Christ.

MC: What are some of the things the faith community, at large, is struggling with?

JS: I believe that the biggest thing that the faith community is struggling with is division. One thing that we need to do in these last days is come together as Christians in one mind and one accord to promote the name of Christ.

MC: What is your inspiration for this work?

JS: Over the years I have seen many great men of God that have been very successful in pastoring churches, and I have realized that these men have served their time in the ministry and it’s time for my generation to step up and carry on the mantle that these pastors are ready to hand down to us.

MC: What is your favorite or most-turned-to verse or part of Scripture? Why?

JS: 1 John 4:4 – “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than He that is in the world.” This verse is my favorite verse in the Bible because no matter what this world may throw at us as Christians or how tough the trials that we face may be, God is always there for us, and we will always have victory in Him.


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