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MOORESVILLE – The interim town manager is turning to a retired chief with more than three decades of law enforcement experience “to enact immediate change in our police department.”

Ron Campurciani, who led the West Springfield Police Department in Massachusetts until his retirement in 2018, will serve as the Mooresville Police Department’s acting chief. Current chief Damon Williams remains on administrative leave while a private, outside agency investigates allegations of a hostile work environment at MPD.

After 32 years with the West Springfield Police Department, Campurciani served as executive director of the Western Massachusetts Police Chief Association.

Interim Town Manager Ryan Rase – appointed by the town board to his role March 1, after Town Manager David Treme went on medical leave – said that he selected Campurciani “based on the recommendation of our outside investigators and information I have reviewed to date.”

Those investigators, from U.S. ISS Agency of Huntersville, have conducted dozens of interviews in a probe of claims that officers and employees at the police department were subject to hostile treatment by supervisors.

“I am comfortable in the knowledge and ability of Mr. Campurciani to lead this temporary situation,” Rase said in an announcement of the appointment.

Williams came to Mooresville in 2016 after serving as police chief in Tarboro.

Capt. David Call, supervisor of MPD’s Criminal Investigations Division, also remains on administrative leave with pay.

Deputy Chief Childress, whom Rase initially tapped to lead the department in Williams’ absence, “will resume his normal duties,” said town spokeswoman Kim Sellers.


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