Higher Purpose Church

Higher Purpose Church hosts three growth groups.

MOORESVILLE – Cynthia Washam has been a member of Higher Purpose Church for about 18 months.

In that time, she’s become a member of the leadership team and marketing support team.

She spoke with the Mooresville Citizen about one of the church’s offerings – growth groups.

Growth groups at Higher Purpose Church usually consist of seven to 15 people meeting to discuss life experiences, build relationships and grow in their faith.

Mooresville Citizen: Does the church always do growth groups, or is this a new project?

Cynthia Washam: Yes, we provide growth groups bi-annually in the fall and the spring with 12 weeks for each session.

MC: Why did the church decide to start holding these groups?

CW: Pastor Lawrence (Williams) saw a need to provide solutions to life’s challenges during the week while fostering healthy relationships through learning and discussion.

MC: How many different groups are there? What are they?

CW: There are three groups – The DNA of Relationships, for couples; Delta Force, a spiritual discipline; and The Lord's Prayer, a Bible study on prayer and worship.

MC: Which are you most excited about?

CW: Delta Force equates military discipline to spiritual discipline, which is essential in our churches today.

MC: What else do you want people to know about Higher Purpose Church?

CW: HPC is a church that is committed to reaching the community, teaching, training and discipleship.

MC: How can people get involved in the groups, if they're interested in one or a few? Do you have to be a member of the church to attend them?

CW: Anyone can attend. To get involved, check out our Facebook Page, "Higher Purpose Church," and find updates and locations.   

MC: Do they cost anything?

CW: There is no charge to attend the growth groups.


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