STATESVILLE – Just after evening visitation Dec. 4 at the Iredell County Detention Center, inmates became violent with detention officers and three were charged with a number of crimes as a result, according to an Iredell County Sheriff’s Office news release.

Around 7:45 p.m. Dec. 4, a detention officer was escorting Martevis Simpson back to his housing unit. During the escort, Simpson became aggressive and, as the officer removed his handcuffs, Simpson struck the officer with the handcuffs, causing cuts and other injuries, according to the news release.

Simpson was subdued and put back in cuffs, but by that point other nearby inmates began reacting to the situation and “creating a disturbance” by being loud and hitting doors, according to the release.

Patrol deputies and other law enforcement agencies were then asked to respond to keep the situation from escalating.

When officers tried to approach him, inmate Shyheim Millsaps became “loud and aggressive,” according to the release. Prior to officers entering his cell, Millsaps and other inmates had put on makeshift masks to protect themselves from pepper spray.

While officers attempted to control Millsaps, another inmate – Rick Chambers – assaulted one of the officers by striking him from behind, the release states.

Both inmates were put in handcuffs.

Officers used chemical munitions to gain control of the housing unit, which at one point had nearly every inmate moving, yelling or in some way causing a disturbance, according to the release.

Millsaps was transported by Iredell County EMS to be treated for exposure to pepper spray.

Three inmates – Simpson, Millsaps and Chambers – were charged in the incident, but the investigation is ongoing and more charges are expected in this case, according to the release.

Four officers were injured in the incident.

Chambers and Millsaps were charged with felony assault on detention employees, felony inciting to riot, failing to disperse on command and disorderly conduct, though Chambers received an extra count of the felony assault on detention employees charge.

Simpson was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon on a government official.


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