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Mooresville singer-songwriter Kayla Vega.

It took just four days for Mooresville’s up-and-coming songstress Kayla Vega to write and record her song “Home” in honor of fallen K9 Mooresville Police Officer Jordan Sheldon, send it to the famed Abbey Road Studios in London for digital remastering, and release her lyrical love letter to her adopted hometown on social media.

With 10,000 views and hundreds of shares within just 12 hours of its release, Vega’s touching tribute struck an immediate chord on Facebook with Mooresville’s mourning community.

“I wrote the lyrics the day after we suffered the tragic loss of Officer Sheldon,” Vega said.

After penning the lyrics, she wrote the music and then contacted her record label, Dojo Records in New York City, which didn’t hesitate to get involved.


Mooresville Police Officer Jordan Sheldon.

Twenty-four hours later, Dojo produced the instrumentals while Vega was laying down the vocals in Mooresville. Her voice was transmitted to Abbey Road – the studio founded by The Beatles – in a digital mix.

“To my surprise, (but) knowing the circumstances, they stayed in the studio late to work on the song and I received it six hours later,” Vega said.

The moving song is accompanied by a video montage of scenes of the town and its people.

“The idea of the (community) photos came about by brainstorming what the music video should be,” Vega explained. “What better way to portray the lyrics than to have the community make the video?”

Her team received almost 400 photos from the Mooresville Moms Facebook group. The submissions make up the entirety of the video, along with photos of Sheldon that accompany a dedication at the conclusion.

Vega, who spent most of her life on Long Island, N.Y., feels like Mooresville is her forever home. “I’m headed home to Mooresville,” she sings as she describes a quaint town quite different than the bustling New York City suburb where she grew up.

She hopes her tribute will inspire a true sense of community.

“No matter where I go in life, I know that when I come back to Mooresville, it will feel like I never left,” she said. “That’s what home should feel like. I want this song to be a reminder to be kind to your neighbor and to be thankful for this beautiful town that we live in.”

Vega will headline a benefit concert Friday, June 7, from 7 to 11 p.m. at Beer Lab on Broad Street in downtown Mooresville. Donations will be collected for a scholarship fund in memory of Sheldon to benefit incoming cadets interested in pursuing a career in the K9 unit at the Mooresville Police Department.

Click here to watch Kayla Vega's video from her new release, "Home."

Click here to listen to and purchase “Home.” Proceeds from the sale of the song will be donated to Adopt-A-Cop Mooresville.


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