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Jumping on to Pinterest this weekend, my feed was still filled with Christmas crafts, one of which adorably caught my attention — cute, fluffy, DIY Scandinavian gnomes. These gnomes, with their fuzzy beards and round noses sticking out below floppy felt hats are just too charming to not click on. And, when you consider that these gnomes don’t have to be just for Christmas, I realized that it’s time to look up other winter crafts.

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The Shutdown's Housing Market Woes

It's a great time to buy a home, and you're ready. You've saved up a suitable down payment, found a home, and settled on a lender. As an added bonus, interest rates are at their lowest point in the last nine months – despite the Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes.

There's only one problem. The government shutdown has created obstacles to your mortgage – maybe in ways you hadn't considered.

Loan Roadblocks

The shutdown effect is obvious if you're a government worker suddenly trying to buy a home with IOU's – but, otherwise, why would your mortgage application be affected? It may depend on the type of loan you're seeking.

USDA loans, popular in rural areas, are backed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. With the USDA shut down (at least as of this writing), no new applications are being accepted and scheduled loan closings have been put on hold. Homebuyers caught in the middle are be...

How We Paid For Our Homes (Infographic)

Mortgage Approval Easier Without Credit Card Debt

Mortgage Applications Decrease

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