Pastor Ken Chivers

Ken Chivers is the pastor of Lighthouse Church in Mooresville. He is pictured with his wife, Helen.


MOORESVILLE – Ken Chivers is inspired in all that he does by the love of Jesus Christ. And, as pastor of Lighthouse Church, he wants to share the good news of Christ with “the town of Mooresville, Iredell County and the ends of the earth.”

Mooresville Citizen: What circumstance or experience led you to become a faith leader?

Ken Chivers: I have been an ordained pastor since 2002. As a child I felt like God might be directing me towards becoming a pastor. God made that call more clear in 1997, so I talked and prayed with my pastor at the time and also with my fiancé – now wife – about the calling. That led to me enrolling in seminary in 1999 and then completing the ordination process in 2002.

MC: How does Mooresville fit in line with your faith mission?

KC: I was called to serve Lighthouse Church in Mooresville in December of 2016. Since Mooresville is a growing area, our church seeks to serve the growing needs. Our church’s mission statement is “Knowing, Living, and Sharing the Truth of Christ leading to eternal life.” That mission starts by seeking to serve and bless the Mooresville community with the good news of Jesus Christ. We are located on the peninsula of Mooresville, so we strive to be a blessing to those that live around the church as well as the town of Mooresville, Iredell County and the ends of the earth. We strive to shine the light of Jesus to all of Mooresville as our congregation lives out our faith in our daily lives.

MC: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

KC: I love to see people have their lives transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ. This good news or gospel is, as Romans 1:16 says, "the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.” I love it when God uses the ministry of Lighthouse Church to give hope to the hopeless and shines light into the darkness of their lives. I also enjoy seeing people utilize their God-given talents and treasure to bless other people and to use them to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

MC: What is the most trying part of your job? How do you keep your motivation going?

KC: The most trying part of my ministry is to walk alongside people in their struggles in life whether it involves grief over a lost loved one or marriage struggles or other issues. Thankfully I don’t walk alongside them alone as Jesus has promised to be with me at all times. And that promise of Christ’s presence is what allows me to keep going and allows me to offer hope in the midst of tough circumstances. In addition, my congregation prays for me and those prayers help sustain me as well.

MC: What advice do you have for new leaders?

KC: I would tell new pastors and church leaders that gospel ministry is a tough yet very fulfilling vocation. I would also tell them to stay grounded in their personal faith as they cannot share what he or she doesn’t have. And a big part of that personal faith is praying for genuine love and humility. Those two Godly traits are vital for church ministry.

MC: What are some of the things the faith community, at large, is struggling with?

KC: Overall the Christian community is dealing with the cultural changes that have led to our culture becoming more secular and more divisive and full of despair. We see the effects of this in such things as the growing opioid crisis, marital breakdown and the rise of suicide. But as a Christian pastor, I can offer real hope in the good news of Jesus Christ.

MC: What is your inspiration for this work?

KC: The inspiration for my ministry is the good news of Jesus Christ, that through trusting in Him anyone can have eternal life or what Jesus called the abundant life. It is a life that includes the forgiveness of sins, a purpose for our present lives and an eternal future secured.

MC: What is your favorite or most-turned-to verse or part of scripture? Why?

KC: Philippians 3:8 says, “Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.” I go to this verse often because it reminds me that nothing in this world can compare to beauty of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Knowing Jesus personally is the most beautiful and transformative thing for anyone.



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