cozy boutique dog

Cozy Boutique owner Lesley Crabb sometimes brings her dog, Milo, to the store with her.

MOORESVILLE – The idea behind Lesley Crabb’s new boutique is simple: Everyone likes to be cozy.

“I mean, at the end of the day, when we’re at home and we’re just with our families or in our own comfortable little nest, we just want to be comfortable,” Crabb said. “Because I think it allows you to just be more relaxed and more open and inviting.”

But Crabb also believes that being comfortable doesn’t have to mean being drab.

“We do have the comfy, cozy everyday,” Crabb said. “And then we really wanted to focus on also nice attire – so some more classy and more nights out and all that. We wanted to offer comfortable and yet cute and stylish attire.”

For the last 15 years, Crabb has been a stay-at-home mom – or, as she calls it, “CEO of the house” – and has raised three daughters.

Those daughters – now 15, 13 and 9 – enjoy helping their mom with her newest venture.

“Especially my older two,” Crabb said. “My younger one, she actually has been steaming some of the clothes. She likes to be here and is excited for us.”

In addition to being active participants in the business, Crabb said her daughters were also one of her main motivating factors for starting it.

“I’m just excited,” Crabb said with tears in her eyes. “I think it’s really cool to, after being a stay-at-home mom for 15 years, just to be able to just give back to the community. And I like a challenge, so I’m up for a good challenge. And I’m excited for my girls to see me living a dream out.”

The decision to open a boutique was inspired by Crabb’s variety of interests – a desire to help the community, a background in interior design and a love for shopping.

“So I thought there’s a need here over in this area before you hit crazy traffic,” Crabb said. “And I just thought it’s a great opportunity for my family, my three girls and I, to just sort of start the business and evolve it.”

Cozy Boutique is just off Brawley School Road and close to The Point neighborhood, where Crabb and her family live.

“I have a lot of friends who I have said to them, ‘Hey, what do you want to see in a local boutique?’ Or, ‘What are we missing over in our little bubble?’” Crabb said. “Because everybody, they don’t like to leave their house, not that much.”

cozy boutique friends

Cozy Boutique owner Lesley Crabb, left, and retail manager Keyna Williams say they want the store to have a cozy atmosphere.

By putting the store further from downtown Mooresville and closer to The Point, Crabb said she hopes to provide a good shopping experience without Interstate 77 and N.C. 150 traffic.

She also hopes to use conversations with her neighbors and customers to help her decide what kinds of items to stock.

“I love feedback,” Crabb said. “So that’s what I can do. I can offer – say, somebody wants to see more shoes. I can say, ‘OK, well I can get more shoes in.’”

In addition to shoes and cozy clothes, the boutique also stocks home and fashion accessories.

Cozy Boutique’s retail manager, Keyna Williams – who is also Crabb’s best friend – said she thinks the store is more about family than anything else.

“And hopefully (we’ll) make it a place where people feel like they can come in, get a hug, have some fun and giggles and get wonderful, wonderful clothing,” Williams said.


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