Tyler McPeak

Denver native Tyler McPeak, shown rounding the bases for North Lincoln last spring, leads the Mooresville Spinners with a .400 batting average.

The Mooresville Spinners boast nine players on the Southern Collegiate Baseball League All-Star team, including five pitchers.

First baseman and Huntersville native Seth McAulay is leading the SCBL with eight home runs, while catcher Tyler McPeak is one of only three players in the wooden-bat league hitting over .400.

Outfielder Jake Whitcomb’s 14 stolen bases are tied for second.

The Spinners, 25-11 overall entering the break, have had success from their bullpen this season. Reese Robinson, Josh Pike and Trent Joiner all have earned-run averages below 1.00.

Starting right-hander Ethan Lauchart has been the Spinners’ ace and is second in the league in wins with his 4-0 record.

Here are the stats for the players honored through July 13:

Seth McAulay

Hough grad and Western Carolina player Seth McAulay leads the Southern Collegiate Baseball League in home runs.

Catcher: Tyler McPeak/ Campbell University

BA: .400 OPS: 1.267 HR: 5 RBIs: 19 SB: 1

First base: Seth McAulay/ Western Carolina

BA: .253 OPS: .967 HR: 8* RBIs: 21 SB: 1

Third base: Drew Yniesta/ Erskine College

BA: .365 OPS: 1.028 HR: 4 RBIs: 21 SB: 6

Outfield: Jake Whitcomb/ UNC-Charlotte

BA: .382 OPS: 1.080 HR: 1 RBIs: 7 SB: 14

Right-handed pitcher: Reese Robinson/ Wake Forest University

IP: 16.1 Win-loss: 1-1 ERA: 0.55 SO: 28 BB: 7

Right-handed pitcher: Josh Pike/ N.C. State

IP: 15.1 Win-loss: 2-0 ERA: 0.00** SO: 24 BB: 4

Right-handed pitcher: Ethan Lauchart/ W.Va. State

IP: 28.1 Win-loss: 4-0 ERA: 1.58 SO: 21 BB: 8

Left-handed pitcher: Nash Jamison/ Florence-Darlington Tech

IP: 10.0 Win-loss: 0-0 ERA: 2.45 SO: 19 BB: 5

Left-handed pitcher: Trent Joiner/ College of Charleston

IP: 15.1 Win-loss: 3-0 ERA: 0.58 SO: 23 BB: 6

* Leads the SCBL

** Would lead SCBL but does not have enough innings per game to qualify


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