Sister Hazel

Our Town Stage had a partial first season in 2017-18, which included bands like Sister Hazel.

MOORESVILLE – Our Town Stage is one of the newest initiatives by the Town of Mooresville, and organizers hope it will bring even more song, dance and culture to the town.

Stephanie Crisco is one of those organizers. She’s the venue operations manager for the Charles Mack Citizen Center, one of two town-owned performance venues.

Our Town Stage, which was created this year, books acts from across the world to play at town-owned performance venues like the Citizen Center and the Mooresville Town Hall lawn.

Crisco said Our Town Stage organized one partial performance season in 2017-18. But this year will be its first full season – and Crisco said she’s excited about what the town has in store for it.

Mooresville Citizen: Why did the town decide to create Our Town Stage?

Stephanie Crisco: The number of the Town of Mooresville’s entertainment opportunities for the community are growing each year, and we don’t see that slowing down anytime soon. We already provide shows in the Joe V. Knox Auditorium at The Charles Mack Citizen Center and the town hall lawn, but coming soon we will also be presenting shows at the highly anticipated new performing arts center at Mooresville High School and, once Liberty Park is complete, we will present on that stage as well. With there being so many options for locations, we felt like creating Our Town Stage would be the best way to communicate all of the entertainment options available.

MC: What is the goal of Our Town Stage? What do you hope to bring to Mooresville, in terms of arts and culture?

SC: Our No. 1 priority is to bring first-class productions and artists to the stages in Mooresville for our citizens. We have such a diverse population with different backgrounds and from different parts of the world, we want to offer something for everyone. I want to work toward bringing in artists and performers that reflect the different cultures we have here in our own town and beyond. I want to expose our community to the vast world of different types of music and performance art.

MC: How did the first partial season go? What acts did you bring to town?

SC: The first season was definitely a success and attendance was wonderful, but it was put together piece by piece so I wasn’t able to present the shows as a season. Last season brought The Drifters, who performed their hit “Stand by Me” and “Up on the Roof.” There was also national recording artists Edwin McCain and Josh Thompson. One of the most colorful show was the musical “Pinkalicious,” which piqued the interest of lots of children and their parents because it is such a popular children’s book series.

MC: This is Our Town Stage's first full performance season. What are you most excited about?

SC: There are too many incredible shows coming to Mooresville for me to pick just one favorite. I’ve heard firsthand how beautiful and rich the voices of O Sole Trio are. It won’t be a surprise why they sold out at Carnegie Hall in (New York City) recently. Yolanda Rabun is an incredible jazz and soul singer based here in North Carolina, and her show is a must-see. Soul Street Dance Company is going to be amazing, especially for our dance community and our youth, who they really try to relate to in terms young people understand.

MC: What should people expect from Our Town Stage moving forward?

SC: People should get ready for some really cool stuff coming  – shows that are going to be familiar yet a little out of their comfort zones. I can guarantee that if they give these shows a chance, they will not be disappointed.

MC: Will all shows be free? Where will they be held?

SC: Unlike the outdoor shows, the shows inside at The Charles Mack Citizen Center do require you to purchase tickets. There are three tiers of prices based on the show and the seat you choose. Starting prices range from $10-$15. This season’s indoor shows will be held inside at the Charles Mack Citizen Center.


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