MOORESVILLE – The May 8 Primary Election brought out 10 percent of Iredell County voters, who cast their ballot to determine who will participate in the November election. Out of the more than 117,000 county citizens registered to vote, about 11,000 showed up to the polls.

This year’s primary picked candidates for the new N.C. Senate District 34, which covers Iredell and Yadkin counties.

In the Democratic race for District 34, Beniah McMiller won a spot on the November ballot. McMiller defeated William Stinson and Lisaney Kong. According to the North Carolina Board of Elections' unofficial results, McMiller took 43 percent of the votes, garnering 1,479, compared to Stinson, who had 1,265 votes, or 37.23 percent. In Iredell County, McMiller took 48 percent of the votes, bringing in about 1,404 votes.

Leading the Republican race for District 34 was Vickie Sawyer with 4,782 votes, nearly 44 percent. Robert Rucho, a former senator from Mecklenburg County, came in second with 3,622 votes, or 33 percent. Those results mirrored that of Iredell County, where Sawyer earned 44 percent of the votes, compared to Rucho’s 31 percent.

Sawyer and McMiller will square off on the November ballot.

Iredell County incumbent commissioners James Mallory, Gene Houpe and Marvin Norman finished in the top three places in the Republican primary and earned spots on the November ballot. Mallory received nearly 28 percent of the votes, Houpe came in second with 25 percent and Norman was third with 24 percent, according to unofficial reports. They will next face Democratic challenger Beth Pardue Kendall.

Iredell County citizens also voted Patrick McHenry for the U.S. House District 10 Republican bid and Kathy Manning for U.S. House of Representatives District 13 for the Democratic bid, which matched statewide results.

McHenry will next square off against U.S. House District 10 Democratic candidate David Wilson Brown of McAdenville. Manning will face U.S. House District 13 Republican candidate Ted Budd and Libertarian Candidate Tom Bailey.

The Mooresville Citizen will continue election coverage.

For more information on primary results, go to the N.C. Board of Elections webpage.


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