Mooresville Police Officer Jordan Sheldon.

MOORESVILLE – The man who shot and killed Mooresville K9 Officer Jordan Sheldon before killing himself a short time later had previously discussed carrying out a similar scenario, authorities said.

“Although investigators could not determine a specific motive or provocation for the shooting, interviews with a former girlfriend revealed (Michael Yovany) Aldana had made recent comments of killing himself, and in the process killing a police officer,” the Mooresville Police Department said in a report announcing the closing of a State Bureau of Investigation probe into the May 4 incident on West Plaza Drive.

The investigation revealed that Sheldon stopped the vehicle because he suspected that Aldana’a driver’s license was suspended. Aldana, 28, of Mooresville, had been arrested in Statesville a month earlier for driving while intoxicated, according to the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheldon radioed dispatchers about the traffic stop at 10:13 p.m. After Aldana gave Sheldon his license and registration, the officer returned to his vehicle to check on the driver’s information through a national database while Aldana remained in his vehicle, according to the report.

After results confirmed Aldana’s license had been suspended, Sheldon approached the vehicle again and “engaged in conversation with Aldana, who produced additional documentation regarding his driving privileges,” the report said. “While Officer Sheldon was examining these documents, Aldana fired a semiautomatic handgun at Officer Sheldon, who was struck by the gunfire.”

Aldana drove to his apartment off Plaza Drive, where police said they found him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot.

Sheldon died after being transported to a hospital.

The report brought an end to the investigation, but not the pain the tragedy inflicted on Sheldon’s colleagues.

“The Mooresville Police Department wishes to thank all of the residents of Mooresville and surrounding communities for their love and support during this overwhelmingly sad time,” said Mooresville Police Chief Damon Williams. “We are so blessed to live in a community that cares about their police department. We also extend a huge THANK YOU to all of our public safety partners and town personnel who answered the call to assist us in the wake of this tragic event.”

Others officers who worked the same shift with Sheldon on the night he was killed returned to patrol duty over the weekend.


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