Rawls Howard III

Director of Planning and Community Development Rawls Howard makes a presentation to the board of commissioners at its July 2 meeting. 

MOORESVILLE – When new properties are annexed into town limits, a zoning classification has to be established for them quickly – within 60 days, according to Planning and Community Development Director Rawls Howard.

Those municipal requirements were put into action at the July 2 town board session when commissioners were tasked with establishing initial town zoning designations for three properties annexed on June 4.

And while all three properties in question – on Shinnville Road, Beech Tree Road and Mazeppa Road – prompted residents to come before the board to ask questions, one in particular drew concern.

“We have seen the industry moving closer and closer to us,” Jana Lowery said in reference to her home near Mazeppa Road.

Lowery said most of the 22 families who live in the neighborhood near Mazeppa Road have lived there for 25 years or more.

“Mooresville has annexed the land on one side of our land and put up a park,” Lowery said. “We like sports as well as the next person, but now we hear bats pinging and crowds screaming seven days a week.”

She said the town also annexed two other nearby properties that now have a racetrack and a factory on them.

“We have one area left around our lane that is still quiet and scenic,” Lowery said. “And now they want to have it annexed into Mooresville and turn it into industry.”

Lowery said her neighborhood is not annexed into town and therefore does not feel the benefit it feels as it grows.

“They surround our little lanes and never offer to annex us in,” Lowery said.

Lowery asked town officials to either consider annexing her neighborhood or keeping the lot near their property zoned for residential purposes.

After discussion among commissioners, the board voted unanimously to zone the newly annexed approximately 33-acre tract on Mazeppa Road as R2, a designation stipulating large residential lots.

The board also voted to zone the Shinnville Road and Beech Tree Road properties for residential.

Commissioners also unanimously approved an update to the town’s comprehensive housing strategy and approved the North Main Street Conservation overlay, which will help the town implement its downtown master plan.


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