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This rendering shows a front view of the proposed complex that would include 90 apartments and first-floor commercial space.

MOORESVILLE – The town board on Aug. 5 cleared the way for a 90-unit downtown apartment building and commercial space on the site of Mooresville’s first textile mill.

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A developer plans to replace Mooresville’s first textile mill, which has been gutted and partially razed, with a mixed-use development including 90 apartments.

Commissioners unanimously approved a conditional rezoning that will allow the developer to exceed the 16-unit-per-acre limit set by zoning for the site on North Church Street.

The original Mooresville Textile Mills facility, which opened in 1893, is now a crumbling brick shell. It most recently had been used for shared office space.

The architect for the project, former Cornelius Mayor Chuck Travis, said the developer will try to salvage as much material as possible from the existing building for use in the new one.

“We’d like to hold on to some of the history and heritage of the site,” he said.

The developer, MV2 investments, is nearing completion of a 72-unit apartment complex on North Main Street, across the Food Lion.

The Church Street project will include commercial space on the first floor and three floors of apartments, all in one building.

Rear balconies will face the town’s Liberty Park, which is undergoing major renovations including the installation of a band shell, which will face the new building.

The units will range from 670 to 1,300 square feet, Travis said.

MV2 says it has raised the $20 million it expects to spend on the project.


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