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Interim Mooresville Police Chief Ron Campurciani honored Fifth Third Bank employee Sarah Scheld for taking photos of the getaway car in a robbery.

MOORESVILLE – Sarah Scheld couldn’t stop the man who had just robbed the bank, but she didn’t want him to get away, either.

So the quick-thinking Fifth Third Bank employee did the only thing she could. She grabbed her phone, ran outside and took photos of the suspect’s vehicle as it sped away on N.C. 150.

While police had security camera images of the suspect from inside the bank as they investigated the July 23 robbery, Scheld’s photos were the only images of the getaway vehicle, Interim Mooresville Police Chief Ron Campurciani said during a town board meeting Aug. 5.

It was a description based on those images that led Mooresville Officer J. Ramey to stop a blue Chevrolet Aveo on N.C. 150 the next day.

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The driver, Bradley Joseph Clyne, 58, of Mooresville, was arrested and charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon in connection with the robbery.

“If it had not been for her, we wouldn’t have gotten the guy,” said Campurciani, who called Scheld “the rock star of the event.”

The chief presented Scheld with a plaque for her efforts, which earned her a standing ovation from commissioners and the audience.


Security cameras inside the bank captured images of the suspect.


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