Lakefront Hops

The Lakefront Hops Fest at LangTree Lake Norman draws crowds of all ages.

1. This is the third festival and second year

Kilted Buffalo owner and Lakefront Hops Fest co-organizer Shawn Shrader said the festival was first held last fall and was held again in the spring. Shrader and co-organizer Robert Tankoos – owner of Sun Up Cafe – first organized Lakefront Hops Fest last year because they felt LangTree needed a “signature event.” Both businesses are located in LangTree, and their owners wanted to give other LangTree businesses a chance to connect with the community.

2. The event continues to grow

Shrader estimates the fall 2017 Lakefront Hops Fest had about 1,500 people and the spring 2018 Fest had about 2,700. He hopes this fall’s will attract 3,000. “A lot of people don’t know (LangTree) is a lakefront property,” Shrader said. “A lot of our customers at Kilted Buffalo didn’t know what a nice facility they had by the water.” The lakefront spot where the event is held includes a two-tier boardwalk and a large green space. In addition to vendors, there will be kids activities, including a bounce house and face painting.

3. There will be more than 20 vendors

Of the more than 20 vendors, 16 will be local or regional beer vendors, including King Canary Brewing Company, Ghostface Brewing and Ultimate Ales. There will also be five food vendors, some of which will be LangTree restaurants, and several “style trucks” that will have clothes and accessories for sale. “We rotate beer vendors so it doesn’t get stale,” Shrader said. “We want to keep it fresh and exciting.” There will also be a TV truck so attendees can watch college football games during the event.

4. The two bands playing are “back by popular demand”

Little Johnny Trailer Trash and Coddle Creek have both played at Lakefront Hops Fest before – but not on the same day. Little Johnny Trailer Trash plays rock with Southern roots influences, according to its Facebook page, and performs more than 175 shows per year. Coddle Creek band members describe their sound as “creekgrass” – “It's traditional bluegrass music with a kick,” their Facebook page states. Attendees are encouraged to bring blankets or chairs to sit on during performances and while enjoying the event.

5. The festival supports Ace & TJ’s Grin Kids

Ace & TJ’s Grin Kids is a local nonprofit dedicated to giving terminally ill or chronically disabled 5- to 12-year-olds and their families all-expense paid trips to Walt Disney World. The previous two Fests also supported Ace & TJ’s. “It’s a cause that we believe in,” Shrader said. A portion of vendor proceeds will be donated to the nonprofit, and raffles and prize giveaways during the event will also raise money for it. The first two Fests raised $15,000 for Ace & TJ’s – $5,000 from the fall 2017 event and $10,000 from the spring 2018 event.


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