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Melinda Dutcher, owner of Nailed It DIY Studio in Mooresville, helps a customer decide on a craft project.

MOORESVILLE – Eight out of 10 people who walk through the doors of Nailed It DIY Studio don’t consider themselves artistic, said studio owner Melinda Dutcher.

“They say, ‘I’m not a creative person at all. Can I do this?’” Dutcher said. “And then they will leave with something they’re proud of.”

Creating an atmosphere where people can get out of their comfort zones and do things they’ve never done before is what she said is an important part of the Nailed It DIY business model.

“You’re doing the sanding, the construction,” Dutcher said of the customers. “We’ll jump in and help, but for the most part that’s what they like, that they’re using power tools they’ve never used before, that they can say, ‘I built that. I sanded that.’”

Dutcher is not new to owning a small business. She and her husband, Bob Kinser, also own Zen Massage off Williamson Road in Mooresville Town Square.

But she said Nailed It DIY, which is a franchise out of South Carolina, has a different vibe that makes it less fitting for a shopping center.

“It has that crafty, creative element, so it’s more fitting to be downtown, which is growing and developing,” Dutcher said.

The couple moved to Mooresville three years ago after living in Cornelius and Huntersville, and Dutcher remembers when people used to only come to downtown Mooresville to eat at Epic Chophouse.

nailed it diy paints

Dutcher points out the many paint colors customers can choose from for their projects.

“And now people come downtown, and they see everything they can do,” Dutcher said. “People see this is a difference sort of shopping experience than the Target shopping center. I like being a part of that. It’s definitely an evolution, so it’s cool to be contributing to that.”

The Nailed It DIY studio allows customers to pick a craft project and then have the materials, tools and expertise at hand to complete the project.

“Most other places there’s just painting, where we’re full-on, ‘You’re building something,’” Dutcher said.

The projects range from $25 for a mini-plank of wood to $200 for an oversized wooden frame.

Customers can either use those materials to make a Nailed It DIY suggested project, like a serving tray or a trophy shelf, or for a project of their own design.

“I would recommend people go to the website to see the kinds of things we offer,” Dutcher said.

Once customers have selected a project, they are given a station where they can paint and stain, as well as build with hammer and nails.

Dutcher is usually behind the counter, giving crafters advice on what colors might look best and what methods will help achieve a desired result.

“And we don’t take things into a secret room and touch it up,” Dutcher said. “We’ll do a touch-up in an area they’re not satisfied with, but what you take home is what you built. And we try to address that on the front end, helping them so they’re satisfied with what they build.”

Makers can make appointments for private parties or can come in during open studio hours Thursday through Sunday.

“Some days we’ll have just a few, and other days we’re have 12 here at once,” Dutcher said. “And our busiest days of the week are actually Sundays. I think because a lot of places, you know, we’re in the South, it’s more traditional that things are closed on Sunday, so there’s limited options. And we’re open noon to 5 p.m., right after church, and we’re family-oriented. We’ve had kids as young as 3. And it’s fitting to all genders, all ages.”

Dutcher and Kinser are also available to do custom work, in case anyone has a vision they don’t think they can execute themselves.


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