MOORESVILLE – Seeking input from Mooresville residents, town staff recently launched a website where community residents can provide feedback about various town projects, the Comprehensive Land Use Plan and other town-related concerns.

Plan Mooresville launched in March by the Mooresville’s Planning and Community Development Department. Planning Director Rawls Howard said the platform is meant to be an engaging tool among town staff and residents. Howard said prior to coming to Mooresville, he used a similar site that proved to be successful. He said this is one of many tools the town is using to receive feedback from the community.

“A site like this can be found among many other jurisdictions,” he said. “It’s not uncommon to see. We wanted to create an online public forum where people have the chance to provide input and feedback. This will help with receiving a broad range of commentary on a spectrum of interests.”

Since its launch, about 100 people have engaged in Plan Mooresville posts. Users register to comment on posts. Typical questions are asked, including age and ZIP code. Every 30 days Plan Mooresville will introduce five new topics to discuss. The site also allows users, if they choose, to sign in through their Facebook, Google or LinkedIn accounts.

“Our initial post had a lot of discussion around it,” Howard said. “A lot of people were interested to talk about downtown businesses and the types of amenities they want to see in town.”

Currently, parks and recreation and transportation are the topics being discussed on the site. Town staff will look at comments and review concerns from residents. Comments may be answered by staff if time permits.

“We’re looking at big-picture questions,” he said. “As the process goes on for the next year and a half, we will begin to tailor future questions based on staff and public interest.”



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