mooresville arts warehouse

The Mooresville Arts warehouse does not currently have an HVAC unit.

MOORESVILLE – Located in the historic Mooresville Train Depot, Mooresville Arts has been offering arts experiences, classes and camaraderie since 1978.

Now the group’s board is asking the community to help it further expand its functionality by helping the organization raise enough money to install a heating and air system in the warehouse.

“Currently, the warehouse does not have HVAC, making the space unusable for the majority of the year,” Mooresville Arts President Jessica DeHart wrote in a letter to the newspaper. “Once the warehouse space has been renovated, the arts organization will be able to expand its offerings to its artists and to the Mooresville and Lake Norman community.”

Mooresville Arts has been in need of an HVAC system for the warehouse space for years, but the organization is especially keen to fundraise now because an anonymous donor has offered to match any donations that come in before Dec. 31.

“In 2018, Mooresville Arts launched a matching funds campaign to double an anonymous donation of $25,000 to raise $50,000 to go toward its warehouse renovation fund,” DeHart wrote. “$44,000 of the $50,000 has been fulfilled; only $6,000 is needed to complete the fundraising campaign.”

Another anonymous donor has offered to help raise the last $6,000 by doing a second matching campaign drive. So if $3,000 is raised, Mooresville Arts will meet its goal.

Once the $50,000 goal is met, DeHart said the organization will publish the list of donors and share it with the community.

The organization had 220 members in March of this year, which was Mooresville Arts’ 40th anniversary.

A number of classes, ranging in subject from oil painting to guitar lessons, are held at the depot every month, and community events like the Art After Dark Halloween party and Trackside Pottery Festival are organized throughout the year.


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