NCDOT Williamson Road

Mooresville residents attend the North Carolina Department of Transportation meeting about the impacts of widening Williamson Road.

MOORESVILLE – The North Carolina Department of Transportation met with residents, stakeholders and elected officials on April 24 to discuss the impacts along with the study and construction timelines of plans to widen Williamson Road.

Community members gathered at Williamson's Chapel United Methodist Church for the meeting. The proposed project includes the widening of Williamson Road to four lanes from Brawley School Road to N.C. 150. The improvements would also include widening the existing road and constructing curb and gutter, sidewalks and median islands. A new traffic signal is proposed at Knob Hill Road.

“People have mainly been concerned about accessibility and our participation in sidewalk reconstruction,” Michael Poe, division project development engineer for NCDOT, said. “People are also concerned about the timeline of the project and the coordination of the (Williamson Road widening project) and the N.C. 150 project. We will be assessing and studying Williamson Road for a year before we have any real design plans to show to the public. Once those details are worked out, we will be able to propose a more clean plan about what we plan to do.”

The proposed improvements are intended to improve traffic operations and safety of Williamson Road in the project area. But for some residents, like Rob Berst, construction projects are adding to traffic problems.

“Mooresville is behind on our road construction,” he said. “We haven’t kept up with the growth. No matter what time you go or where you’re going, you’re always going to be in traffic. Everyone knows (Mooresville) will be growing, and everyone has a right to build on their property, but if we don’t keep up with it then what options do we have?”

The complete plans will be completed by sometime next spring. The construction is slated to begin in the fall of 2020 and finish by fall of 2022. NCDOT will review the comments from the April 24 meeting and evaluate their impact on the proposed improvements to determine if revisions are warranted. The public comment period ends May 24.


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