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MOORESVILLE – After more than 18 months of collaboration, public input and revisions, town officials on June 10 unveiled a 200-page draft plan meant to guide growth in Mooresville for the next two decades.

The OneMooresville plan is designed to be a blueprint for development and transportation projects in the town’s planning area, which extends beyond its municipal and extraterritorial boundaries, and into unincorporated areas of Iredell County.

The new document combines and revises Mooresville’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan, approved in 2008, and Comprehensive Land Use Plan, approved in 2012.

OneMooresville “consolidates these two primary community plans into one document and links land use and transportation policy direction to better coordinate the future implementation of the town’s renewed community vision,” the draft plan says. “It establishes policy direction to guide elected officials, town administrators and town staff as they make public investment and development decisions.”

That direction consistently points to some common themes throughout the plan:

• Increased density in new residential developments and with efforts to revitalize existing neighborhoods.

• Encouraging a mix of residential development in all of the more than a dozen planning areas, including those designated primarily for commercial or industrial use.

• A focus on growing “up” by allowing higher buildings, including in the downtown area.

• Buildings and homes built closer to streets and roadways.

• A move toward grid-style road and street design, and away from limited-access, curved configurations, include cul-de-sacs.

• More road connections between neighborhoods and developments.

• A preference for parking to the side or rear of homes, rather than private driveways with enclosed garages.

• Improvements on streets and at intersections at the edge of town to create “gateways” to Mooresville.

View the entire OneMooresville draft at

OneMooresville goals

The plan hits on a half-dozen overarching objectives:

• Enhancing quality of life through green spaces.

• Using infrastructure and road improvements to guide economic and residential development.

• Providing more opportunities for people who work in Mooresville to also live there.

• Looking beyond the town’s borders when planning for future development and road projects.

• Developing “walkable” neighborhood centers in which people have less need to drive.

• Providing more public access to Lake Norman.


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