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Town Manager David Treme announced his retirement Feb. 18.

While we don’t yet know the full story of David Treme’s unexpected announcement Monday that he was resigning as Mooresville’s town manager, what is immediately clear is that the town’s elected leaders now have the opportunity to hire a dynamic, visionary leader rather than a placeholder who decided the chief executive’s chair was pretty comfortable, so he’d just stick around for awhile.

That’s not a knock on Treme, who retired after a quarter-century as Salisbury’s city manager in 2011 and came to Mooresville as interim town manager in 2016, only to have the interim tag removed the following year. But Mooresville is a booming municipality facing the challenges of balancing continued growth and economic development with the accompanying demands on roads, infrastructure and town services.

Those are good challenges to have – the kind that Salisbury has not and does not.

As Mooresville moves forward in its efforts to update its land-use and transportation plans, it will be more important than ever to have a strong leader who can help cast – not merely carry out – a bold vision for the future of the town, its people and the businesses that drive its economy.

Treme’s retirement is effective June 30, the last day of the town’s current fiscal year. July 1 will mark not just a new year, but a new era.

Choosing a chief executive to guide Mooresville into that era will be the most important decision the town board can make.


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