Into Darkness: Mooresville Ghost Tour meets in front of the Charles Mack Citizen Center at 215 N. Main St. 

MOORESVILLE – It’s around 8 p.m. and tour-guide Billy Calloway prepares for the next set of lovers of all things spooky. He’s not there to convince anyone about paranormal activity but only to share some of the area’s ghostly folklore.

Ethereal Crack, a production company, first started organizing ghost-tours in the greater Charlotte region earlier this year. Interested in the Lake Norman area, founder of Ethereal Crack Timothy Starnes decided to host a series of walking tours called Into Darkness: The Mooresville Ghost Tour.

“Of course Mooresville has a fair share of Southern ghost stories,” Starnes said. “But I found it particularly interesting about Lake Norman and how it affected the local area. There’s one story that many do know about, and it’s about a woman who buried her children where the shores of Lake Norman ended up and placed a curse in that area. “That spot is said to be haunted. Sometimes, you can see the kids on the banks.These kinds of stories exist as far out in Statesville too.”

Creating a conversational environment is what drives the audience to a more authentic gateway to discussions, Calloway said. During the tour, the only kind of spooking done are the ones that come from the stories.

“It’s cool when you’re explaining something and people from the audience start to elaborate on an event that was similar,” he said. “The tours are not intended to scare people but just to share these stories of history. If your friends hide behind corners and scare you, that’s on them.”

After encountering something he believed to be of paranormal nature, Starnes became fascinated with unknowns of the afterlife.

“Part of the reason of (creating this tour) was because I want to share this information with the general public,” he said. “Plenty of people have interest in it, but there’s not a lot of research done about it. With our tours not only are we telling stories, but we’re also providing facts as well. I think people are afraid to talk about it because they’ll be labeled as crazy, but you’re really not. Our opinion is that ghosts and (things of that nature) do exist.”

The tours highlight different parts of town, such as the Mooresville Public Library, and guides discuss reasons why a particular place may have been visited upon by spirits of the dead.

“All of the scripts we provide to our tour guides are all highly researched,” Starnes said. “We fact-check, and we verify beforehand and we try out hardest to deliver these local stories that have either been published or have a lot of research behind them. Sometimes, you’ll go on these kinds of ghost tours, and the stories just don’t seem plausible. Someone experiencing our tours who become interested (in the matter) can easily go online and conduct their own research further into it with multiple leads.”

The tour begins in front of the Charles Mack Citizen Center at 215 N. Main St. Cost is $15 a person for those older than 5.

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