Lakeside yoga provides view, strength

MOORESVILLE – Yoga and some sun are the two forces behind what drove Amber Kay Miller and Troy Lynn to bring vinyasa and yin yoga styles lakeside.

Lake Yoga Tribe takes the combination of nature and exercising to accessible places for all, said Miller, founder of Lake Yoga.

Classes launch out of their floating studio at Hager Creek Access Area just off Brawley School Road at 788 McKendree Road. Providing residents with an option to connect with nature and meet other outdoor enthusiasts helped both Miller and Lynn build a community they both were looking for.

“We wanted to start something that was local and close to home,” she said. “The mobility allows us to be flexible. This way we’re able to bring our services to people. It’s also really just having the chance to be outside and soak up in the sun while waves come back to you. It really allows you to relax. You don’t normally have the option of being in the water and do yoga on a hot summer North Carolina day.”

Some of the services provided by Lake Yoga include regularly scheduled stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga classes and group social paddles as well as private lessons. Modifications and alternate options are offered to allow both new and experienced in SUP and yoga to be able to practice together. The class includes a 10-minute paddle to and from a cove with calm water off the main channel.

“I’m 6-foot-3-inches, and I’m super clumsy. I’m not your typical yogi,” Miller said. “When folks see me doing it (paddle boarding), it gives others comfort. Those modifications are there to help you learn but still challenge yourself. When you do yoga on a paddleboard, you’re working different muscles. You’re working on stabilizing muscles you might not have worked on before. It’s a new kind of challenge for your body.”

Co-founder, Lynn, who also practices as a chiropractor, uses yoga poses and different stretching poses interchangeably with his clients.

“I have used yoga exercises as part of the the rehab exercises I give to patients for years,” Lynn said. “After yoga teacher training I had a much better understanding on Pranayama, the study of breath, and how to use the breath to takes patients to the next level. Our activities of daily living, like sitting, bending and lifting, create patterns in our bodies. Moving outside the ranges and in opposites ranges will help a patient achieve a more functionally balanced body.”

Aside from yoga becoming a way for exercising, Miller said it helped her with her migranes and lifestyle. The meditation and practice of taking time for herself helped her realize the wonders of being still and present in her body, she said.

“Yoga and meditation was my saving grace,” she said. “It’s just something I kind of want others to know, that there is this great venue out there. It’s a big learning experience. I never thought I would own this giant trailer, but I’m really finding and enjoying the support from the community.”

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