November is National Hospice Month

This fall, the Sherrills Ford Hospice House marks its fifth year as a brick-and-mortar emblem of end-of-life care in eastern Catawba County. Along with a new library, major business development and transportation improvements, the hospice house ably answers the needs and interest in this area of Lake Norman.

However, the hospice house is not solely indicative of the presence of hospice care in our community. For 37-plus years, Catawba Regional Hospice has been serving local folks in a largely mobile effort. Hospice, unlike most health care, does provide house calls, and it attends to individuals in their own homes – where they most often choose to be.

Catawba Regional Hospice’s care also happens beyond the walls of a hospice house. It’s brought to hospital rooms, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and rehab centers – where our loved ones reside either temporarily or permanently. The organization’s team of professionals and volunteers are continually at work, even when we may not be aware of their movements among us, or their benefits to families.

We can be thankful that Sherrills Ford, Terrell, Denver, Mooresville and other Lake Norman communities have this resource close at hand. Too often, we overlook the advantages that hospice care can offer to caregivers and to patients. Mentally, physically and spiritually, Catawba Regional Hospice stands ready to serve, waiting only for our call. Let’s make sure we do.

Carol Stutts, Terrell


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