Each mayoral candidate was given the opportunity to answer questions in their own words

Miles Atkins

MW: Why did you choose to run for this position?

MA: I am passionately dedicated to serving the residents of Mooresville with the ongoing principal of service above self. I am currently serving a third term as mayor with a record of real progress and positive change including:

• Successful focus on job creation and closing the skills gap

• Prioritize public safety and critical community issues

• Pushing economic growth and top business recruitment from around the world

• Long track record of keeping property taxes and utility rates flat

• Secured funding for $160 million in transportation and infrastructure improvement

• A champion of community engagement and improved citizen amenities

• Furthering downtown revitalization

• Opening of parks and community centers

Ultimately, I am running to continue the very positive momentum we have in Mooresville.


MW: Why should the public trust you?

MA: I have a proven track record in public service and have prioritized fiscal responsibility and government transparency. With this focus, the Town of Mooresville has increased efficiencies and effectiveness in town services and has not raised property taxes or utility rates since 2007. I embrace Mooresville in its entirety, and believe that all neighborhoods and businesses deserve the same access to amenities that can help improve quality of life. I am a hands-on elected official that is easily accessible. I regularly meet with citizens via Senior Roundtables, No Agenda Needed meetings as well as meet individually with community members. I have kept my campaign focus on “Putting Mooresville First” and providing the leadership to move Mooresville forward. Working collaboratively with the town board of commissioners and town staff we can proudly say that Mooresville is recognized as one of the best places to live and work in the US.


MW: What qualifies you for this position?

MA: As a third-term mayor, I have used my experiences and work ethic to help accomplish important things for our community; creating a really positive momentum.

Qualifications Include:

• A keen understanding and appreciation for the role and what is required to be an effective Mayor

• Leadership ability to build consensus and work with town board of commissioners, town manager and town staff to focus on the community’s priorities

• Economic development work has resulted in $1 billion in private investment and 1,196 jobs created since taking office as mayor

• Secured funding for $160 million in transportation and infrastructure improvements to mitigate traffic congestion

• Ability to work with regional, state and national leaders on issues that impact Mooresville



MW: What are some of the things you hope to change in Mooresville, if elected?

MA: In the 2017-18 fiscal year budget, we aligned the budget with strategic goals and community priorities. This has been problematic in the past, and we have made tremendous progress on creating consensus and alignment incorporating our strategic goal with an implementation plan in the town’s budget which is our most important policy document the board adopts. One of our top priorities is updating the comprehensive plan for the Town of Mooresville, which will include a strategic growth management strategy. The plan will include both land-use and transportation plans to help guide our growth and maintain the quality of life our citizens have come to expect in Mooresville. Additional priorities we are working on include:

• Building of the East-West Connector

• Securing a master developer and beginning the Church Street Redevelopment project that includes a mixed-use development (retail & residential)

• Completing the Liberty Park renovations that will provide direct pedestrian access from Church Street into the park and the redesign includes a band shelter for additional downtown entertainment options

• Begin the construction for the Selma Burke Community Center Campus expansion

• Working with NCDOT to begin the construction of major road and transportation projects to mitigate traffic congestion that addresses our citizen’s number one issue and concern


MW: How do you plan on implementing those changes?

MA: The funding is in place and working with the town manager and staff we have already begun to develop game plans with specific targets and actionable tasks to stay on course for project completion. The town manager and staff understand the town board’s priorities and are committed, responsible, and accountable for the implementation of these plans.


MW: Anything else you'd like the public to know about you?

MA: I am passionate about serving and continuing to serve our community. The decisions are rarely black and white, and most often the process can get messy with a lot of grey area. However, prioritizing what is best for the entire community and “Putting Mooresville First” will continue to be my focus. I ask for your vote on Oct. 10, 2017, in the Primary Election.


James F. Ritchie

MW: Why did you choose to run for this position?

JR: I want to improve the way of life in Mooresville.


MW: Why should the public trust you?

JR: I am a war veteran who has lived in Mooresville all my life. I have been a successful business owner for over 45 years.


MW: What qualifies you for this position?

JR: I believe I am qualified to run Mooresville. As stated above, with a successful business over 45 years and I have been in the business profession even longer.


MW: What are some of the things you hope to change in Mooresville, if selected?

JR: I want to control the growth in Mooresville. Our roads need work as well as to be widened due to congestion. We need to be able to support all the new growth. I want to bring more jobs to Mooresville, as well as higher paying jobs. I would like to have more support available to our low income families. Programs for homes etc...


MW: How do you plan on implementing those change?

JR: I will get with the appropriate people to make sure we get growth and roads under control. I will personally talk to companies to have them move to Mooresville and get higher wages for our people.

MW: What are some concerns you've addressed during your campaign trail? What is your response to those concerns?

JR: What will you do about the congestion on our roads? What will you do about the construction taking over the Mooresville area?

My response to these questions are simple... When you talk to the right people, you can get things done. That is what I will do. I will get things done, the right way!


MW: Anything else you'd like the public to know about you?

JR: I am here for the Mooresville community. I will work hard to make Mooresville a great place to live.


Thomas Tohn

MW: Why did you choose to run for this position?

TT: 1- There is no parking in town, traffic congestion can’t keep up with growth, and zoning needs to be changed in a manner that best serves the future of our countrified small town.

2- MOORESVILLE needs a place for the children to go after school and on weekends. A PRIVATELY FUNDED BOYS CLUB and a GIRLS CLUB, would be on the TO DO list of my agenda, when elected.

3- MI-Connection, needs to be sold. It was a $64 million plus $16 million dollar 125 percent of the $3,800 per subscriber grossly overpriced deal in a NO MONEY DOWN and TAKE CASH OUT FISCAL FIASCO deal. Mi-Con LOST $5 MILLION A YEAR FOR 3 YEARS. Mi-Con was and still is losing money and even if fully subscribed appears it would lose money forever.

4- I-77s Mobility Partners, should be INVESTIGATED Federally and by the State bureau of investigation ( Aka – SBI ), which assists law enforcement with criminal investigations working closely with local police, sheriffs, district attorneys, federal investigators and federal prosecutors, FOR RICO VIOLATION(s); OF Macquarie ( of Australia ) , Ferrovial and all its subsidiaries ( of Spain ) , Cintra and all its subsidiaries , the IFM fund which bailed out the Indiana $6 Billion Dollar Toll Road Bankruptcy with $5.3 billion dollars of Macquarie investors’ money with three Macquarie veterans on its board of directors, along with the San Diego Bankruptcy that MacQuarie was involved with and of course the Texas Bankruptcy.

5- FYI > “THE RICO LAW IS AS FOLLOWS”: *** The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering and it allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted them in doing Under RICO, a person who has committed "at least two acts of racketeering activity" drawn from a list of 35 crimes – 27 federal crimes and 8 state crimes—within a 10-year period can be charged with racketeering, if such acts are related in one of four specified ways to an "enterprise".

*** Source Wikipedia


MW: Why should the public trust you?

TT: I am results oriented. When elected, I will attempt to preserve our nice, small town characteristics. When elected my duty is to help us help ourselves. I won’t owe anybody any favors.

I will owe the taxpayers improved communication regarding the 5Ws AND How Much.



JOBS at NEW 535 acre INDUSTRIAL PARK on Route 801: I would try attempt to solicit and communicate directly with potential manufacturers, Wall Street Analysts, Investor relations parties, CEOs, CFOs, COOs nationally and or internationally to attract potential new long term new users for the New Town owned NEW 535 acre INDUSTRIAL PARK on Route 801 which needs to be finished and a source of permanent new jobs in the technological, manufacturing, financial, banking or insurance sectors so we diversify our labor pool and maximize our great school ratings to attract high paying, quality oriented high quality, permanent jobs.


MM: What qualifies you for this position?

TT: 1- This mayor will not owe any favors to anybody.

2- I will do what is not being done now and attempt to make a great Town better.

3- This mayor will be more than a ribbon cutter and have no hidden agenda.

4- This mayor loves his great Town which was and it still is; a former award winning, allegedly nine time since 2000, potential award winning Micropolis again, which is still qualified for MICROPOLIS STATUS, as long as the population requirement is met at under 50,000 people .

5- Qualifying for a winning a Micropolis award requires long term planning and preparation.

6- Winning often requires making changes, as needed; when needed.

7- When elected, I will attempt to offer guidance regarding making changes as needed, when needed, with over 40 years of planning and preparation experience.

8- I will attempt to inform all taxpayers, in a monthly newsletter to all taxpayers addressing WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE, WHY FOR HOW MUCH, monthly.

9- I think the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT might listen to a Mayor regarding my formal criminal investigation requests regarding THE I-77 50 YEAR Public-Private ambiguously pushed for , then pushed against, messy and controversial maybe racketeering qualifying deal.

10- I-77: I promise I will attempt to trigger Federal and State formal investigations of Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act for "at least two acts of racketeering activity" drawn from a list of 35 crimes – 27 Federal Crimes and 8 State Crimes – within a 10-year period of the Racketeering of MACQUARIE, FERROVIAL, CINTRA, I-77 MOBILITY PARTNERS , the IFM $5.3 BILLION DOLLAR FUND BAILOUT of the bankrupt Indian Toll Road bankruptcy, which initially worked on by fee based Macquarie base on what I have read, which appears to me to be a RICO violation, along with San Diego , Texas and few offshore deals that appear to thrive and survive bankruptcy very successfully for Macquarie investors, regardless of the cost or risk factors, supplying fees to the investment bankers regardless of who wins or loses. The Macquarie involved, bankruptcy in Indiana appears very worthy of an investigation along with all the retained before during and after, paid for historically inaccurate consultants, who consulted with NCDOT, MACQUARIE, FERROVIAL, CINTRA, I-77 MOBILTY PARTNERS , IFM FUND, who as mayor I would strive to get them ALL INVESTIGATED pursuant to the RICO law.



MW: What are some of the things you hope to change in Mooresville, if selected?


2- If elected, I will attempt to encourage philanthropy to buy the land, and build out fields, buildings and monuments dedicated to the philanthropists who help privately fund the MOORESVILLE BOYS CLUB AND THE MOORESVILLE GIRLS CLUB.

3- If elected, I will do whatever I can within my ability to influence NCDOT, traffic planners to not foolishly mal-design up North, South, East and West in our small town, destroying our small town charm permanently, with MAL-DESIGNED COUNTER-INTUITIVE , SWERVY, OFTEN CONFUSING AND OR DANGEROUS TO FIRST TIMERS, WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD, TRAFFIC PATTERNS , MAL-DESIGNED by consultants who often don’t live where they consult, who often might be corruptible by the root of all evil ( Aka –Money ).

4- In conclusion, when elected I will attempt to resolve the parking problems, some of the traffic issues, NCDOT problematic problems, keep our tax rates steady, aggressively find users to occupy the 535 acre, partially built out, partially occupied industrial park the Town built, attempt to build out a privately funded Boys and separate Girls Club, opine on rezoning, form a Contractual Oversight Scoring Tax committee ( Aka- The COST Committee ) to oversee all contracts in excess of $250,000 in Mooresville and Iredell county and or the Iredell county School board going forward forever, to ensure our money is not overtly overspent to assure taxpayers my legacy will be a balance budget regarding the spending of our Town County and School board money which is funded with any Bond money the taxpayers must repay.




MW: How do you plan on implementing SOME changes?

TT: WHEN ELECTED, I would attempt to MAKE VOTING EARLY AS EASY AND SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE BY LISTING ALL STREET ADDRESSES, contact phone numbers to call for those who are not computer literate, so it is as easy as reasonably possible , to figure out what to do and why.

When elected, I will personally attempt to promote voting.

The public should receive guidance; “HOW TO VOTE and WHY to VOTE” and “what you can vote for or against”, with zero steering and impartial public assistance, when and if possible, when I get elected.

I would like to see if the public might encourage Mi-connection to sponsor a public debate.

I would like to publicly debate all the issues publicly with all the candidates if Mi-connection, NPR radio, the Charlotte Observer, The Mooresville Tribune or The Mooresville and or Spectrum Cable ( formerly Time Warner ) would donate the TV times or resources required to have a public debate for all candidates, in a good, convenient public location in Town hall televised format before the primary on Oct. 10.


MW: Is there anything you would like the public know about you?

TT: I enjoy riding my bicycle safely, exercising, swimming, consider myself a tenured motor sports enthusiast and look forward to driving my NASCAR tour type modified ride at New Smyrna Speedway in February, when I go to Daytona for speed weeks.



C.J. Zethof

MW: Why did you choose to run for this position?

CZ: This is a rare moment where we can really evaluate our future path through a combination of numerous choices and voter engagement.


MW: Why should the public trust you?

CZ: I believe trust is something that you build toward and earn. At this stage I can ask nothing more than to be trusted with your opinions. Tell me what changes you're passionate about and allow me do what I can to address them. That is how we build trust.


MW: What qualifies you for this position?

CZ: I'm a guy who cares about his community and his neighbors and as such will always try to ensure that each idea will be heard and evaluated on its own merits and measured in a manner that will be of the utmost fairness to all of citizens of the town.


MW: What are some of the things you hope to change in Mooresville, if selected?

CZ: Well traffic issues is the top priority for most of us. Just as important to me personally though, is transparency and communication. There is a tremendous amount of room for improvement in how we relay the plans the town is working on and the engagement in the formation of those plans with our citizens.


MW: How do you plan on implementing those change?

CZ: I'm currently working with a group of citizens to analyze the town’s current communication methods and how we can improve them. I would be delighted to hear from more people with ideas. There is a forum section for discussions on my campaign website CjZethof.com.


MW: What are some concerns you've addressed during your campaign trail? What is your response to those concerns?

CZ: I feel that the most pressing concerns are growth, traffic, small business and transparency.

I would champion an approach towards moderated growth, an increase in priority of traffic projects and a focus on opening communication channels to increase the transparency of upcoming projects. As for small business, I would like to withhold statement until I can better research the effectiveness of the current initiatives through people who have used them.


MW: Anything else you'd like the public to know about you?

CZ: I'm not here to ask for your vote, I'm a campaign and a half into my political career and I still haven't taken a donation. All I will ask for is your opinion and your attention. Let's start an open conversation that will allow us to move forward in a more unified direction. Pay attention to this large race and choose a candidate that fits your needs. Finally, please vote on Oct. 10.

I look forward to hearing from my neighbors.


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