STATESVILLE – Iredell County commissioners want to see more conversations and concessions to development plans among residents and property developers before moving forward with an applicant’s request to give a property to another jurisdiction. The board voted 3-2 July 18 to delay taking action on releasing property in Mooresville’s extraterritorial jurisdiction to the town.

County is slated to come up again at the Aug. 1 meeting.

Mallie Colavita with Ryan Homes requested release of the zoning and subdivision jurisdiction of 36 acres of an approximately 43-acre tract owned by John Clontz Family LLC to the Town of Mooresville. The property is off Ponderosa Circle and Williamson Road, and the proposed use of the property is a single-family residential neighborhood with 90 lots. As of May, the development plan’s request was for approximately 42 more homes than would be allowed under county zoning.

Two options have been set forth regarding the zoning request, either to approve to release the zoning and subdivision jurisdiction to the Town of Mooresville or to deny the request. The denial of the request would mean Iredell County will still be responsible for the property site.

During the county board of commissioners meeting on July 18, vice chairman and commissioner Tommy Bowles and commissioner Jeff McNeely wanted to move forward with the vote but were outnumbered by commissioners Marvin Norman, Gene Houpe and James Mallory, who said they want to see more interaction between developers and residents to address the concerns of those living on the Ponderosa Circle off Williamson Road.

“Last night the vote was to be up or down, either release or not to release,” Bowles said after the meeting. “My motion was to untable it, but that motion failed. The other commissioners want the developer to go back to the neighbors to have another meeting, but I don't know what they hope will accomplish with that. The developers already had a meeting with the neighbors, and when you have a meeting like that, a lot of the times, you can ask ‘How did it go?’ and depending on which side of the issue you’re on, your answer will be based off of that perspective. I personally don’t think a second meeting will bring more neighbors on board. McNeely and I were ready to vote on it.”

The property has been zoned residential agriculture and single family residential since county-wide zoning in 1990. A previous request for release of jurisdiction of the property was considered by the board of commissioners in August 2015.

The property is adjacent to other parcels that are already in the Town of Mooresville’s jurisdiction. Mooresville’s board of commissioners approved water and sewer utilities for the site in February. Mooresville Planning Board submitted a letter of acknowledgment in April to the Iredell County Board of Commissions regarded the request and stands in support of it.

According to the minutes from the May 16 county board of commissioners meeting, Colavita said Ryan Homes is a family owned company and the fourth largest builder in the nation. She also mentioned that Ryan Homes has been in Iredell County for 35 years and has put 200,000 families in homes in the area.

Co-manager for the John Clontz Family LLC, Marvin Edward Brotherton said they hope that neighbors and  county commissioners see the efforts being put forth when considering the concessions being asked of the plans.

“We’re going to do what the commissioners and the county has asked us to do,” Brotherton said. “My hope is that this (next) meeting will let the neighbors see that we’re doing the best job possible not to affect the neighborhood in a bad way.”

Concerns from residents during previous meetings namely mentioned traffic impact and property value. Joan Danielson, a resident who lives on Ponderosa, requested the board deny the ETJ with the current plan offered, expressing concerns of lack of communication, small lot size, water quality, schol and traffic, according to the minutes from the May 16 Iredell County meeting.

Those who made it out during the public comment period were not all opposed with the idea. Harry Reid, who also lives on Ponderosa, said he is in favor of the request, according to the county board minutes from May. Reid said this way jobs will be created along with millions of dollars being invested for the town. Ultimately, he said, he would like the project to move ahead.

Because of the divide Bowles said there has to be a balance between the rights of property owners and those who live on Ponderosa. He said letting Mooresville take leadership of the property would be in the best interests of both development and residents.

“Nobody really wants to see change,” he said. “But there are rights that should be honored from both sides – between the existing residents and those who own the property. My personal opinion is that in recent events, Mooresville has demonstrated stewardship (mentioning the recent denial of a straight rezoning request on Lake Davidson and Bridges Farm Road). They’re aware of the explosion of growth, but Mooresville hears us and the people.”



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