MOORESVILLE – Some may have noticed the new colors added to the standalone coffee stop formerly known as The Human Bean. New owners, John Anderson, Jake Vandermeer and Darren Spicer took over the coffee joint, giving it a new spin, while keeping the drive-thru culture in tact.

Mooresville Citizen: How did you choose Mooresville?

John Anderson: Three years ago we started to think about what was important to us, what mattered,and we came up with making a difference in the local community through coffee. I’ve worked in the coffee industry for most of my life. At first we thought we’d take this to California, but coffee is a saturated market there. We came across a few cities, including Nashville and the Charlotte area. We saw an offer here in Mooresville, and I flew out and signed the papers the next morning.

Mooresville Citizen: Let’s talk about the name. Where did that come from?

Darren Spicer: I’m a sports junkie, so (clutch is) when a team player steps up when it’s a crucial time in the game. That’s what we want to be for our customers.

MC: What makes the drive-thru concept appealing?

JA: You have the chance to make a quick difference in someone’s day. Whatever crazy or challenging thing they’re going through, it helps when you have incredible coffee that’s also delivered fast.

MC: Talk about the music. It’s not what you typically hear at a coffee shop.

DS: We want the energy to be upbeat for our customers so when they come through, even if they’re having a bad day, at least they can hear some familiar, exciting music, while they get their drink. As long as it’s uplifting and has rhythm, you’ll hear it – from EDM to rock music to Bob Marley – no explicit music and no sad music.

MC: What are some Coffee Clutch items that make this coffee stop and shop different?

JA: All the prices on the menu include tax. We don’t want to add any extra delay or wait time in anyone’s day. We have a drink for everyone, including kids and those who are healthy enthusiasts. Everyone is represented on this menu.


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