MOORESVILLE – Mooresville Planning Board recommended a rezoning request on a 1-acre property on Brawley School Road from a potential business.

The request came from Paramount Pest Control. The property, owned by Shakil and Melissa Ahmed, is currently zoned for residential use, but the applicant requested a neighborhood mixed use zoning at 532 Brawley School Road.

Paramount Pest Control Regional Manager Bobby Redcross spoke to planning board members during their Feb. 8 meeting. He said the business searches for residential properties like this one to not only serve the community but also integrate into it.

“Typically we buy residential home, and we clean them up,” Redcross said. “We want to support the community. We do charitable work. The owners (of the business) are part of the Tilley family, and they’ve spent their life in Baltimore, but they see this as a homecoming for them. We want to make the place look nice, but it’s more about the location. We’re a local hometown brand.”

Redcross also reassured board members that many vehicles will not be on-site, which should not raise traffic concerns.

“Our techs will come in during the morning, get supplies and head out,” he said. “There should be low traffic on-site, and there won’t be too much parking for vehicles. At most, we will have one or two stationary vehicles on-site. We will have more foot traffic than vehicle traffic.”

Mat O’ Brien, the architect of the project for Paramount Pest Control, talked about potential design plans to the board during the meeting.

“This is the third project I’m working on with the group, and it’s really the perfect property for them to purchase,” O’Brien said. “We will work to enhance the site.”

The properties north, west and east of the property is currently zoned as commercial mixed-use. While presenting, Mooresville Senior Planner Craig Culberson said the request was applicable to the Brawley School Road Area Plan as well as the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. He also said the request was a “conventional straight rezoning.”

The Mooresville Board of Commissioners are slated to vote on the request at the March 5 meeting.



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