Charlie German hugs and thanks Mooresville Golf Course personnel for helping save his life. 

MOORESVILLE – Town officials laid out their state legislative priorities for the year during the March 5 board meeting.

According to reports from the town, since 2000, Mooresville has experienced a 93-percent increase in population.

“In order for our town to remain sustainable, we will continue to prioritize economic growth, downtown revitalization, while maintaining environmental integrity,” the report states. “In addition, it is important that we continue to provide public services to match our current demand.”

Some of the priorities listed, include: 


•  Seek a local quarter-cent sales tax bill to authorizing Mooresville to levy the sales tax increase to generate revenue to fund infrastructure and economic development projects

•  Seek or support legislation for a larger percentage of Powell Bill funding for road improvements to be returned to Mooresville through a recalculation of the formula by any other means necessary

• Seek or support legislation for state-level funding of alternative modes of transportation, such as bus transportation and commuter rail

• Seek or support legislation to increase North Carolina Department of Transportation staffing because a reduction of staffing and outsourcing has caused delays in approval and reviews of projects

Economic growth

• Seek or support legislation for state-level funding, grants or otherwise to support downtown redevelopment  

• The town supports the North Carolina League of Municipalities request for legislation to allow room occupancy tax revenues to be used to fund municipal service and infrastructure costs in order to support travel and tourism

In other business

The Mooresville Board of Commissioners approved a rezoning request on a 1-acre property on Brawley School Road for a pest control company.

The request was brought to the Mooresville Planning Board during its February meeting and approval was recommended by a 5-0 vote.

During the February meeting, Mooresville Senior Planner Craig Culberson said the request was applicable to the Brawley School Road Area Plan as well as the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

The property was zoned for residential use prior to the request. It is now zoned as neighborhood mixed-use. The business, Paramount Pest Control, will assume ownership of the property.

With a packed house at the March 5 meeting, residents, community members and town staff took the opportunity to thank Mooresville emergency personnel for a job well-done.

Emergency personnel thanked

Charlie German was found unresponsive and unconscious while playing at the Mooresville Golf Club in December of last year. Course Head Pro Jeremy Elliott and Manager Luke Steimke, along with golfers Brian Aubin and Joe Palmisaro, provided emergency medical care for German until the Mooresville Fire-Rescue and Iredell County Emergency Medical Service arrived.

“On Dec. 6, things at the Mooresville Golf Club changed in a hurry,” Parks and Recreation Director Pam Reidy said. “This is not the kind of thing you do on a day-to-day basis. Without your quick action, things could have gone differently.”

Shortly after, Chief Curt Deaton from the Mooresville Fire-Rescue Department called his crew of firefighters and emergency personnel as well as the Iredell Iredell County EMS to the front.

“I wanted to introduce the whole system,” Deaton said. “I want you to meet these people. These people are on the other side of the story. A lot of things happen when someone calls 911. I wanted to thank these folks up here for the job they do for the citizens in this town every single day.”

A teary-eyed German said he was very grateful for everyone involved in saving his life.

“I want to thank all of you,” he said as he wept. “Thank you ever so much.”


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