Woodlawn’s yearbook earns national recognition


2- Peeps in a microwave

Have you ever wondered what would happen to a marshmallow peep heated in a microwave? Watch the video below to find out! To make it more exciting, turn this event into a peep jousting competition! Stick toothpicks in each peep, place them in the microwave and watch one peep fight the other to the death!PREVIOUS NEXT

9- Let’s play dress up


6- Dunk’em in chocolate


7- Easter cocktail


10- Peep s’mores

Spice up your bonfire nights with peeps! Roast some marshmallow peeps over the fire and use for s’mores! If you have a sweet tooth, this is most likely one of the most effective things you can do with leftover peeps. Your s’more will become sweeter and more colorful!PREVIOUS

Nobel Prize winner talks green fluorescent protein

DAVIDSON – Nobel Prize-winning biologist Professor Martin Chalfie will discuss green fluorescent protein at Davidson College.Chalfie, who teaches at Columbia University, saw potential in green fluorescent protein as a marker of gene expression in living cells. He went on to develop a technique to use it for tracing proteins in live cells, which ultimately revolutionized modern cell biology.The free talk, […]

Davidson Day wins Battle of the Books


1- Hide and go peep


3- Replace board game pieces