If you haven’t done the math in a while, your may discover that your home equity is bigger than you think — and you might want to tap it.

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Treat yourself when you complete a retirement-related task or reach a savings milestone.

Would-be borrowers with less than good credit can consider a co-signer for a personal loan.

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Boost Your Chances of Getting That Personal Loan

There’s no universal formula for winning approval of a personal loan application. Requirements such as credit score and income vary by lender, and some online lenders consider nontraditional data, like free cash flow or education level.But loan companies have one thing in common: They want to get paid back on time, which means they approve only borrowers who meet their […]

4 Mental Tricks to Help You Save More for Retirement

How do you psych yourself up to save money for a goal that’s decades away, like retirement? With a little mental trickery.Amassing the high dollar amounts needed for your golden years takes a long-term commitment. Sticking to your resolve — both financially and emotionally — requires strategies for dealing with a steady stream of near-term spending temptations and other expenses […]

Answers for Your HELOC Questions in 10 Words or Less

Pop quiz: How much home equity do you have? If you haven’t done the math in a while, that number may be bigger than you think.“There’s a record amount of equity out there right now,” says Molly Boesel, a principal economist at CoreLogic, a property information and analytics provider.U.S. homeowners with a mortgage gained an average of $16,200, or 12.3%, […]

Morales memorial Bailey Road

A memorial has been created on Bailey Road for Andres Morales, a Hopewell High School student who died in a car accident nearby.