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Carney’s ‘actions speak louder than words’

Editor,The May 8 Republican primary is just around the corner.Chris Carney is a candidate for Senate District 44, which includes Iredell, Lincoln and Gaston counties. It is important that the voters know what Chris Carney did to Mooresville while serving on the town board.Mr. Carney is calling himself a conservative Republican. Don’t be misled. Chris Carney’s actions speak louder than words.He voted to purchase a bankrupt cable television company and defended his decision as a fiscally responsible one. Chris believes it is the role of government to compete with the private sector. Mooresville is now co-owner with Davidson, a cable company known as MI-Connection that has put the taxpayers in debt more than $90 million.Chris Carney is not a conservative. He has saddled the taxpayers of our town with a tsunami of debt and we now have government-owned TV as a result of Chris Carney’s actions. Shame of you Chris.Carney is NOT the right choice for the Senate. One thing is for sure: he will take your money and he will spend your money. He has done enough damage to taxpayers as an irresponsible politician.– Larry Gregory, of Mooresville

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