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Davidson’s Greenhill awarded in international logistics challenge

Zach and Judy Greenhill’s Force Disruption Platform was awarded for its protection in the shipping industry. Doug Coats

Davidson-based Greenhill AntiBallistics Corp. is one of 25 winners in an international supply chain and logistics challenge, with hopes to go into business with large retailers and delivery services.

The company’s product, Force Disruption Platform, was awarded for providing protection during shipping to sensitive scientific instruments, medical devices, electronics, fragile and other items. The material’s initial use was to be used in helmets for athletes and the U.S. Army to protect against concussions and other head trauma. 

Headed by Zach and Judy Greenhill in their Hurt Hub office, GABC represented North Carolina as one of eight companies presenting at February’s Startup Grind Global 2020 Conference in Silicon Valley. It was a winner in Phase I of a logistics competition sponsored by the Walton Family Foundation for FDP’s use during shipping to protect sensitive equipment and fragile items.

“Life as an entrepreneur is full of exhilarating peaks and enormous valleys,” Zach Greenhill, a former CIA employee, said. “To get that kind of recognition was extremely gratifying.”  

Force Disruption Platform reduces force of impact by up to 50 percent in the thickness of one  dime (1 millimeter) to protect during shipping. GABC has 17 patents in a global portfolio and four pending for the structure of FDP.  According to the company, 2 percent of all packages have damages, compiling to 300 million each year.

“The use of FDP enables downsizing of packages and lightweighting while increasing protection against impact because less packing materials are used,” Zach Greenhill said. “We hope to interest large retailers and parcel delivery services, as well as companies which currently make packing materials.”

As a winner in the Walton Family Foundation-funded SCALE (Supply Chain and Logistics Enterprises) Challenge, the Greenhills will pitch to investors for early-stage funding at an exclusive, invite-only Investor Forum planned for September in Northwest Arkansas, where they will engage with business and community leaders in the home of Walmart.

Zach Greenhill was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Lake Norman Chamber in January. The company had been working with the U.S. Army’s Research and Development division for soldier use, but in February was told to resubmit their white paper for the next funding cycle.

The SCALE Challenge was orchestrated by CAI, a nonprofit that has launched more than 300 startups since 2014. CAI partners with 120-plus research institutes – including the National Institutes of Health, NASA, universities and hospitals that cumulatively have more than 175,000 inventions combined.

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