Delta Sigma fundraiser to recognize, support educators

Former Lincoln County Schools Superintendent Sherry Hoyle on the runway at the 2019 Delta Sigma Fashion Show Fundraiser. /Courtesy Kristen Reynolds

DENVER – It’s been three years since Delta Sigma hosted its last spring fashion show to raise funds supporting beginning and aspiring school teachers in the Lincoln County Schools system. 

“The fashion show has been a hallmark of our organization and we were preparing for our 10th anniversary when COVID hit,” Delta Sigma membership chair Rhonda Hager said. “Due to it being mostly older folks who attend in close quarters with prepared food, that’s not good during COVID, so we had to do something different.”

Delta Sigma, the Lincoln County chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society – an international organization that promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education – consists of 52 past and present female educators. In lieu of this year’s fashion show, the women have developed a recognition program to publicly acknowledge the efforts of teachers locally throughout the years during Teacher Appreciation Week May 2-6. 

The “My Favorite Teacher” program invites past students to donate in honor of a teacher who made a lasting impact on their life. 

A $30 donation, submitted with the name of the teacher and their school, will add the teacher’s name to a newspaper advertisement being run by Delta Sigma during Teacher Appreciation Week. The first 50 donations of $30 include a yard sign that will be presented to the teacher which reads “I am someone’s favorite teacher.”

For a $15 donation – submitted with the name of the teacher and their school, as well as an anecdote on their influence – a personalized note including your comments will be hand-delivered to that teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week. For teachers not working in Lincoln County, the note will be mailed if a mailing address is provided, and for teachers who have since passed, the note can be delivered to a family member. A $5 donation will earn that teacher a shoutout on the Delta Sigma Facebook page during Teacher Appreciation Week. 

The donations will be used to fund at least one $1,000 scholarship for a female high school student planning to pursue a career in education, supply classroom materials for a new first-year teacher presented with Delta Sigma’s Most Promising Young Educator Award and to provide gift baskets for all beginning teachers in Lincoln County Schools. 

Founded in 2010, Delta Sigma recently inducted its first member who was able to benefit from the organization’s offerings during her time as a student. Abbey Parker, now a counselor at Lincolnton High School, received a scholarship through Delta Sigma to assist her pursuit of an undergraduate degree from Appalachian State University. 

“Upon receiving the financial award, I immediately became involved in the organization and gained a support system,” she said. “The members of Delta Sigma are always willing to go above and beyond to support Lincoln County Schools’ educators and students. I am blessed to be a part of a group of women who continue to inspire and encourage me as a current member and educator.”

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