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How often should you replace your pillow?

Q: Mattman, how often should I replace a pillow? Or even a mattress for that matter?

A: Yo!! I get asked this all the time in our store. Mattresses is easier to answer. We shoot for 8-12 years really good use. After a decade, our bodies change and that is a good time to assess the bed. Still sleeping pretty good? Keep going! Just protect your mattress with a waterproof protector so dust mites, molds and allergens don’t grow over time.

Pillows are a bit different! Pillows are often used as long or longer than the mattress but the reality is polar opposite. Pillows should be changed every few years or upon sudden and significant neck soreness. Your neck is very important. It has a hard days work looking at screens, phones, and pointing your head every which way all day. If you experience neck soreness and see a chiropractor, make sure your pillow isn’t a contributing factor.

Most people grab a whatever pillow off the shelves of a big box store. But to me, pillows are a lot like shoes. You have to get custom fit! Find one that fits your sleep position, your shoulder thickness, the length of your neck, and the firmness of your bed. That last part isn’t a factor people are generally aware of but I see it all day. Side sleepers with ultra plush mattresses may not need as thick of pillow as a side sleeper on a very firm mattress. How much your should sinks into the bed is an important factor.

Consider getting custom fit for a pillow when you purchase a new mattress. And be aware of stiffness and soreness in your neck. If a mattress, pillow, and chiropractor can’t get results, come try the Game Changer at our store to sleep in zero gravity weightlessness at night.

When the body hurts in the morning, don’t assume it is just getting old. When you sleep like a superhero, you wake up feeling like one! Got a sleep problem and can’t find a solution? Text me at 704-706-2436 and I can try help. My help is free because that’s what superheroes do!

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