Land Use Plan will aim to control growth in eastern Lincoln County

Construction on Avril Cambridge Village — the third apartment complex in Denver — should be finished early next year.

LINCOLNTON — Lincoln County Commissioners have awarded a $337,250 contract for consulting services on the county’s update to the 2018 Land Use Plan to Charlotte-based engineering firm McKim & Creed. The plan will allow county leaders to develop a capital investment plan for water and sewer utilities, and provide insight and guidance on the future development of the county. 

“This will ensure that we have capacities where needed for that additional growth that’s gone on in eastern Lincoln County, and for future growth,” Lincoln County Planning Director Andrew Bryant said at Tuesday’s county board meeting. 

Up to six community involvement meetings will be held to provide plan updates and give county citizens opportunities to provide input, according to the terms of the contract. Two online surveys will also be distributed once the project timeline is finalized. 


Road capacity concerns 

The plan will be developed using the Metrolina Region CommunityViz Model, which helps predict future demand on the transportation system in the Charlotte area, Bryant said, to make sure it continues to “function at an acceptable level.” 

Commissioner Milton Sigmon, a member of the Gaston-Cleveland-Lincoln Metropolitan Planning Organization which has “had the sole task of planning and monitoring transportation systems” in the three counties, according to their website, said he was concerned the plan is being developed while notable NCDOT projects — like updates to the Unity Church Road/N.C. 16 Business and Optimist Club Road/N.C. 16 intersections — have stalled. 

“It’s very frustrating for us,” said Sigmon. “We spend time and effort, and we see the projected construction dates, and then they don’t come to fruition.”

Updates to the Land Use Plan are expected to be complete by Feb. 28, 2023. To view the contact, visit


2 responses to “Land Use Plan will aim to control growth in eastern Lincoln County”

  1. Glenn says:

    It’s totally amazing how they are the only ones who are surprised by all the traffic congestion and crazy traffic. They had nothing to compare it too? Wait they just had to look at 150 and Mooresville. I guess instead of taking all the walmart and lowes money for allowing only the one exit for the freeway from Charlotte. They could have put one exit in a relived some of the 73 traffic.

  2. curtis winter says:

    What is to be considered for the roads around Denver as homes are to continuing to be built and who and how the roads are to be considered to “function at an acceptable level.”? Business 16 is gridlocked during rush hours but it can take up to 2 or 3 times as long to get up and down Business 16 at any times during the day. Hey, if you build one home and 4 people live there and have 3 vehicles that effects the current traffic. Just try adding another 400 homes in east Lincoln and the traffic flow will dissipate to a standstill and to operate moving cars will be based on how many vehicles can move through the intersections during their green lights……. Hwy 150 and 73 are the same and everyone knows it. I’m sure glad new 16 exists! but much of the money to be used for road expansion ends up getting used for stop lights to fix design flaws in traffic entering 16 north and south. I’ve never seen anything like it. The traffic configurations and light positions can be confusing and most likely there will be more accidents and loss of life as a result. Don’ t try to reinvent the wheel guys…… use proven traffic flow and light designs as much as possible. This situation will only escalate as more and more homes get built. It’s really too bad no preplanning was done prior to letting 1200+ homes to be built in east Lincoln and just taking the reactive approach (at least that’s what it looks like) to traffic in East Lincoln.

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