Letter to the Editor: Spend ARPA funds on pedestrian safety in Cornelius

This letter is in reference to a May 6 article about Cornelius budget and feedback on use of American Rescue Plan Act funds.

Dear Editor,

My family and I would like to see some of these ARPA funds spent on safety lighting for bicycles and foot traffic for students and others along the sidewalks on Bailey Road, where they exist – some new LED lights on existing power poles along Bailey Road from the end of Oakhurst neighborhood near the sharp corner to the end of Bailey Road past Hough High School – for those who travel along this road during early morning or later evening, that go to these schools and use these parks.

They all need to have much better lighting, there is none present now at all.

I recall the comments from those running for office prior stating that the schools and children and their safety were most important to them in Cornelius.

It would take about 20 to 30 new LED lights for this to happen. Put the money where you all said your priorities were when you were all running for these positions in Town.

Tim Bean, Cornelius

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