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Local couple’s app aims to connect groups

Dawn and Joe Hewitt started developing Groupeasy in 2018.

HUNTERSVILLE — As more organizations pivot to digital communication in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a Huntersville couple created an app that enables groups to maximize their productivity and efficiency. 

Groupeasy, an all-in-one communication app developed by Joe and Dawn Hewitt, delivers a way for groups to collaborate efficiently on a centralized platform. With a virtual newsboard where users can write messages to their whole group, a to-do list to track group activities, storage space for images and documents, as well as other features, the app allows members to accomplish more with their groups in less time.

Dawn Hewitt, who is a member of two book clubs and an avid yoga practitioner, along with her husband, said they created the app so similar groups could build connections while managing tasks effectively. 

“We are human beings, and we thrive on being connected to other people,” she said. “When we have common shared interests, we bond. We believe that being in a relationship with other people is where you find joy.” 



Unlike other group communication platforms that large companies use — including Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams — Groupeasy isn’t suited for complex project management or event planning tasks, Joe Hewitt said, adding that the app is practical for community-focused groups like book clubs, volunteer organizations and local businesses, and its straightforward features let all users navigate the software seamlessly. 

“We have spent a good deal of time figuring out just how much functionality small groups and small businesses need,” Dawn Hewitt said. “We do not cater to that super user that needs graphs and all sorts of intense features and functions. We provide a common set of tools.” 

The Hewitts said they focused on making the app as intuitive as possible.

“We wanted a product that would work across all groups,” Joe Hewitt added.

The app also differs in the way user data is stored. On social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, personal information is often shared with advertisers hoping to capitalize on site traffic. In contrast, data from Groupeasy is never sold, so users aren’t bombarded with unnecessary phone calls or emails. 



Groupeasy utilizes a subscription-based fee service, ranging from $14.99 per month for groups up to 35 members to $49.99 per month for organizations with up to 1,000 members. The app is free to use for groups with seven members or less.

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