Meet the top soccer goal scorer in the Queen City

Keera Moua’s 25 goals are the most in the Queen City 3A/4A conference. /Doug Coats

HUNTERSVILLE – In a region rich with soccer talent, Keera Moua’s scoring numbers stand out. The North Meck striker has scored 25 of the team’s 60 goals in 14 games this year, a pace even succeeding last year’s 19 during the shortened season.

Moua finding the back of the net is a big reason for the Vikings’ 8-5-1 record, which is fourth in the Queen City 3A/4A. Beyond her teammates, she credits her monster numbers to training with her dad, Troy. Off the field, she is graduating a year early, and plans to study marketing and finance in college.


Q: What’s the biggest key to scoring a goal?

A: I always believe in working very hard, and I train every single day. When I’m at soccer practice, I see no point in not doing my best. I think that helps, training every single day, having the muscle memory and the right movements is important when it comes to scoring. I really love to score.


Q: How does it feel that it happens so often?

A: The satisfaction of putting the ball in the back of the net is probably my favorite part about soccer. I take pride in my moves. I think my foot skills are pretty good. I love dribbling in small, tight spaces. That helps me a lot in getting to the goals and scoring the goals.


Q: How would you describe this season?

A: My team is extremely positive and helps me a lot in my goal scoring. We started really strong. My team always works really hard, and we try to do the best we can and we’re always there for each other.


Q: How do you help hype up your teammates?

A: I do our cheer, “Vikings on 3.” I like to scream as loud as possible, it gets the nerves out of me and sets a strong mood for everybody.


Q: Who’s the toughest goalkeeper you’ve faced?

A: Either the one at Hopewell or Hough.


Q: How did you decide you wanted to graduate early?

A: I used to be in the IB program. My brother graduated from the IB program, but it was not for me. My options were either going to Early College or graduating early. I’ll get an earlier start on college and an earlier start on life. I just like the idea of graduating early and I feel a sense of pride graduating earlier. It makes me feel good.


Q: Your teammate Louisa Terry was recently recognized for her efforts on and off the field. What does she mean to the team?

A: She is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She has such good energy. When I see her, I trust her a lot. It makes me feel good I can do my job because she does her job. She keeps the team together. She’s a very calm person and very chill.


Q: Do you prefer playing on the North Meck field or one with artificial turf?

A: I really like our home field. Since I like to keep the ball close to my feet, turf is my enemy. I feel more at home when we play on grass. Our field has a slope, so I use that to my advantage.


Q: Who’s your favorite professional soccer player?

A: Ever since I was little, my parents have been a Barcelona family. So, Messi. He’s always been who I look up to. When he does the nutmegs, he can be in tight quarters and always gets though. It’s so cool to me. I love the free kicks, he always really inspires me.

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