Mooresville Police arrest reports – Nov. 1-11

MOORESVILLE – The Mooresville Police Department reported the following charges, including place and date of arrest, Nov. 1-11.

Brenton Terrail McCain, 33, felony drug possession, at River Highway, Nov. 2

William David Wilson, 28, felony possession of a controlled substance, Duffy Drive, Nov. 2, 

Vincent Andrew Spahr, 26, assault on a female, Jocelyn Lane, Nov. 2

Jahkwan Tyaheik Jones, 22, felony employee embezzlement, Wades Way, Nov. 2

Zachary Blake Hager, 27, driving while impaired, West McLelland Avenue, Nov. 2

Angel Flores Garay, 26, driving while impaired – alcohol, I-77 Southbound, Nov. 3

Thomas William Blanchard, 36, drug possession, 161 West Plaza Drive, Nov. 3

Jonathan Alexander Wright, 40, drug possession, West Statesville Avenue, Nov. 3

Christopher Harold Ischay, 48, drug possession, I-77 Northbound, Nov. 3

Jason Lavar Buchanan, 42, driving while impaired – alcohol, Brawley School Road, Nov. 3

Shajuan Emanuel Caldwell, 30, drug possession, Oakridge Farm Highway, Nov. 3

Ashley Monique Carr, 30, resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer, at East Plaza Drive, Nov. 4

Francy Liz Velasquez-Rivera, 23, driving while impaired, failure to appear, Statesville Highway, Nov. 4

Fruquan Quamel Murphy, 25, felony possession of stolen goods or property, at East Plaza Drive, Nov. 5

Miranda Jane Lamberth, 33, felony drug possession with intent to sell or deliver, River Highway, Nov. 5

Lamont Rodrick Davis, 30, driving while impaired, West Plaza Drive, Nov. 5

Erin Elizabeth Zellman, 35, larceny by shoplifting or concealment, 350 West Plaza Drive, Nov. 5

Stephanie Anne Hines, 32, first-degree trespassing, 592 River Highway, Nov. 5

Gabriel Ryan Windover, 20, drug possession, West Iredell Avenue, Nov. 6

Jared Omarius Davis, 33, drug possession, I-77 Northbound, Nov. 6

Darius Rasheed Houston, 38, disorderly conduct, South Academy Street, Nov. 6

Jamie Dewan Fuller, 43, pretrial release violation, Gantt Street, Nov. 6

John Hyatt Newell, 37, felony probation violation, West Plaza Drive, Nov. 6

Antonio Lavone Newsome, 51, assault on a female, Scenic Drive, Nov. 6

Joshua Glenn Freeze, 41, felony drug possession, Talbert Road, Nov. 6

Jacob Nathan Steele, 25, driving while impaired, River Highway, Nov. 7

Calvin Randall Beckham, 64, failure to appear, Limerick Road, Nov. 7

Jessie Michael Teno, 28, felony drug possession, West Plaza Drive, Nov. 7

Isaiah Dehondre Knox, 21, simple assault, College Street, Nov. 7

Austin Michael Harris, 18, communicating threats, Norman Station Boulevard, Nov. 7

Dustin John Russell, 31, second-degree trespassing, North Main Street, Nov. 8

Brian Scott Roger, 33, driving while impaired, East Plaza Drive, Nov. 8

Emya Terica Howard, 22, felony failure to appear, East Plaza Drive, Nov. 8

Tina May Orton, 53, driving while license revoked, East Plaza Drive, Nov. 8

Erin Elizabeth Zellman, 35, felony drug possession, Agape Drive, Nov. 9

Scottie Lane Baxter, 40, felony failure to appear, Fairview Road, Nov. 9

Kenneth Dwayne Woodward, 35, possession of stolen goods or property, Oakridge Farm Highway, Nov. 9

Mary Lou Bolton, 63, driving while impaired, Charlotte Highway, Nov. 9

Larry Edward Blankenship, 52, driving while impaired, Lansing Circle/Rinehardt Road, Nov. 9

Grayson Insley Haines, 28, driving while impaired, West Plaza Drive, Nov. 10

Derrell Shields, 37, felony fugitive from justice, West Iredell Avenue, Nov. 10

Michael Shane Kerley, 51, driving while impaired, Oakridge Farm Highway, Nov. 11

Tonya Garner McNeely, 50, assault and battery, Edgington Street, Nov. 11

Joshua Walter Martinez, 38, second-degree trespassing, North Main Street, Nov. 11

Alexander Gabriel Ordaz, 40, driving while impaired, Linwood Road, Nov. 11

Scott Patrick Pinckney, 48, felony employee embezzlement, drug possession, Regency Center Drive, Nov. 11

Martavious Levar Smith, 26, larceny, West Iredell Avenue, Nov. 11

Meagan Leigh Johnston, 29, second-degree trespassing, North Main Street, Nov. 11

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