Parent arrested at Lincoln Charter meeting after refusing to wear a mask 

DENVER — A parent was arrested at Monday’s Lincoln Charter School Board of Education meeting after refusing to wear a mask inside the school. 

Shortly after the meeting started, Lincoln Charter School Board President Rob Brown reminded attendees that masks are required on school grounds, and asked those who were not wearing one to put one on or leave the premises. 

After Brandon McConnell, 40, of Huntersville, declined to follow Brown’s order, a Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy who was called to the meeting intervened. 

“There’s only one way I’m walking out of this building, and that’s in handcuffs,” McConnell said to the board. “I’m not trying to give you a hard time, but that’s where we are right now.” 

McConnell was arrested, escorted out of the building and charged with second-degree trespassing, Lincoln County Sheriff Bill Beam said. He was released under a $1,000 unsecured bond. 

Masks still required 

The Lincoln Charter board adopted a mask mandate for the school Aug. 23. There are currently 15 positive COVID-19 cases, and 13 students are quarantined, according to Chief Administrator Jonathan Bryant. 

“Most of the quarantines that we’re seeing are from siblings or from outside of school-related activities,” said Bryant. “We’ve seen a slight reduction in positives, and we’ve seen what I would consider to be a significant reduction in quarantines.” 

Following a lengthy series of public comments from parents, with most speaking in opposition of a mask requirement, the school board voted 5-3 to keep the mandate in place, based on a recommendation from Lincoln County Health Director Davin Madden. Board members Jonathan Austin, Vanessa Brown and Joel Dalton voted against the motion. 

The next Lincoln Charter board meeting is scheduled for Oct. 25. 

3 responses to “Parent arrested at Lincoln Charter meeting after refusing to wear a mask ”

  1. Robert Matthews says:

    It’s hard to see how any rationality is going to overcome irrationality in this discussion.
    Libertarianism is always counter balanced inside a social contract context, although it rarely acknowledges that.
    Don’t drive drunk. Don’t text and drive. Don’t target practice with your *legally owned second amendment firearm* inside suburbia/city limits, go to the range or countryside. These are commonplace social agreements to keep other people alive.

    96 percent icu beds full in Lincoln County week of 9/23

    Trevor Noah, Johnston County school board protest interviews

    If everyone gets vaxxed, the hospital utilization will come down.
    When the hospital utilization has come down, maybe we can talk about relaxing policies like masking.

    • Mary says:

      If the powers that be would allow therapeutics such as ivermectin and or hydroxychloriquin in the first few days of illness we wouldn’t be having that many hospitalizations. Dr Zelenski has a protocol and evidence. He has a website with the info.

      • Cammy says:

        Agree. Early treatment is key but that is being demonized strangely enough. It is a shame that only one thing is pushed when many infections have multiple options. They have squashed every early treatment option and that is because an emergency authorization use is only allowed if there are no treatment options. Don’t worry, Pfizer is coming out with an anti viral that will be readily accepted tor $700 per pill. Get vaccinated or not, early treatment is important as well to decrease numbers of those in the hospital.

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