Piedmont Animal Rescue helps find perfect homes for pets

Connecting pets – including two curious, big pawed puppies – with new friends was a goal of the recent event hosted by the Aloft hotel. /Courtesy Piedmont Animal Rescue

MOORESVILLE – In five years, the all-volunteer team of Piedmont Animal Rescue (PAR) has made quite an impact on the lives of both animals and humans in the Lake Norman area.

Since PAR was organized, the agency, headquartered on Waterlynn Road in Mooresville, has supervised the rescue of around 4,000 animals through its only mission: finding the right homes for pets – of just about any kind – through its foster program.

“We take in dogs and cats, of course, but also rabbits, snakes, other reptiles, horses, just about anything,” said Donald Gullett, PAR board member and director of development. “If you have an animal, if we believe we can find a foster for it, we’ll take it in.”

The agency is rooted in the vision of PAR President Jason Benge who, based on the group’s website, “had a dream to establish a family of rescuers and volunteers who would help animals have a better chance at life.”

Powered by volunteers, the nonprofit, with sponsor and partnership support, takes in animals and then focuses on matching each one – cute and lovable puppies, kittens and hamsters as well as crawling or not-as-domesticated creatures that might appeal to a different clientele – with a human offering a safe and comforting home.

In addition, PAR has worked to spread awareness about pet adoption opportunities and the positive results – for animals and adopters – of adding a pet to the fold.

Kittens on display at Aloft, a prominent Piedmont Animal Rescue partner with a program providing hotel guests the chance to meet potential new pets.

One of PAR’s most recent community events combined awareness activities, adoption options and fundraising. During the April 2 event, hosted by the Aloft hotel off Langtree Road, volunteers helped some participants meet potential new best friends, with five dogs and five kittens connecting to their new forever homes. Three other dog adoptions as progress stemming from Saturday’s introductions.

And Aloft was an appropriate setting. Hotel operators are active PAR partners, with a program offering hotel guests opportunities to interact with pets available for adoption.

“Since they’ve been working with us, Aloft has played a direct role in finalizing 30 adoptions,” Gullett said.

The next big event for PAR is its Rescue Roundup festival May 28 at the Iredell County Fairgrounds in Troutman. Vendors, food trucks, raffles and special presentations will be featured along with rescue animals from across the state.

For more details, adoption opportunities or ways to support PAR activities, visit piedmontanimalrescue.com or call 704-662-2904 or 704-228-1934.

The April 2 gathering gave potential adopters the chance to spend time with foster animals.

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