Planned lakefront condos conforming to town expectations

Town officials want more details and more questions answered before scheduling a public hearing about a proposed condo project off Southwest Drive between existing lakefront developments in the southwest quadrant of the Interstate 77 Exit 30 interchange. /Lee Sullivan

DAVIDSON – Developer Jake Palillo’s proposal to build a three-story, six-unit condominium building between existing residential developments in the southwest quadrant of the Interstate 77 Exit 30 interchange is conforming toward town expectations, but there are still a few particulars Davidson commissioners want confirmed.

At the April 26 town board meeting, Senior Planner Trey Akers and Palillo updated the board about recommended architectural changes, the drawbacks to creating a public park space, ownership obstacles for connecting to an existing on-the-lake boardwalk and other checklist items for the project off Southwest Drive.

But other list items – lighting, landscaping, walkway connections and lingering uncertainty about the height of the proposed building blending with surrounding, older buildings – remain unchecked.

Commissioners requested that Akers keep working with Palillo on specifics with another update planned before a public hearing on the issue is scheduled.

FYI about the CIP

A review of the town’s “to do” list is a budget preparation season ritual, and the board’s May 2 session included a quick review of three dozen CIP projects – short-term and long-term priorities – and an outline of anticipated investments needed to keep them on track,

The total package, with a $47 million price tag, is designed to be tweaked, and during the workshop, commissioners – laying the groundwork for budget discussions and FY23 decisions to come – identified projects they’d like to promote as well as ones destined for more scrutiny.

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