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Restaurants help Davidson Housing Coalition

Executive director rolls up sleeves to wait tables

DAVIDSON – Marcia Webster, executive director of the Davidson Housing Coalition, has scheduled several fundraisers in response to budget cuts that have resulted in a $40,000 loss of operating money.

Through the end of August, nine of Davidson’s restaurants agreed to donate a percentage of proceeds on designated days to the nonprofit.

Nazira Atme, owner of Restaurant X, often works with organizations in similar need. Atme observed the positive reaction the Aug. 7 fundraiser provoked in the community. Some customers come specifically with the intent to donate, bringing in business.

Webster joined the staff of Restaurant X, to serve costumers. She volunteers during fundraisers in return for a company’s generosity.

Webster appreciates the opportunity to have fun chatting with people about DHC without interrupting their dining experience.

“The beauty of it isn’t me working,” Webster said. “It’s bringing more business in during slow restaurant days.”

Webster has newfound empathy for waitstaff being interrupted five times before finally reaching the kitchen to fetch an order from the depths of their memory.

Refusing to make lattes and afraid of hot machinery, Webster contributed in other ways to Summit Coffee on Aug. 11. She co-hosted Trivia Night, providing questions for the housing category.

Webster was enlightened by her full days of labor.

“It’s just the realization of how hard work is,” she said, noting how more than half of people who rent are overburdened by housing costs. “They work so hard for the money they make.”

The void in DHC’s reserves warranted the program’s public call for help.

The call to the public was a success, with 24 individuals donating a cumulative $24,000. Bank of America also chipped in with a $20,000 donation.

Restaurants help coalition

The Davidson Housing Coalition’s Hope Served Here campaign has been helped by Alton’s Kitchen and Cocktails, Ben & Jerry’s, Campania Trattoria and Cafe, Davidson Pizza Company, Flatiron Kitchen and Taphouse, Restaurant X and Summit Coffee. Upcoming events include Aug. 27 at Carburrito’s and Aug. 28 at Toast Café.

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