Chris Matthews

Protected areas along Charlotte’s water source a harbor for wildlife

Lake Norman’s Catawba-chain neighbor to the south gets a bit more tender love and care than the “inland sea.” Since Mountain Island Lake is Charlotte’s source for drinking water, it requires more protection, so instead of being surrounded by subdivisions and marinas, it has nature preserves along much of its eastern banks.  Mecklenburg County owns more than 3,000 acres from […]

Colonial spent $30M in gasoline spill response, plans to go deeper

HUNTERSVILLE – The one-year anniversary of the discovery of a leak in Colonial Pipeline Company’s system in eastern Huntersville will align with an advanced step in the company’s continuing efforts to recover gasoline from the site. On Tuesday – almost a year since the Aug. 14, 2020 detection of gas from the pipeline in the Oehler Nature Preserve just north […]